Dark Souls Player Finished The Game By Throwing Shit At Bosses

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Dark Souls

Epic Dark Souls player LilAggy, a speedrunner who is famous for setting record times in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, recently chose to see if he could reach the end of Dark Souls while restricting himself to only using the game’s throwable dung pastries to beat its many bosses. The whole thing took over seven and a half hours, but by the end of the difficult ordeal, Aggy found himself standing victorious over the remains of his poop-covered enemies.

Dung pies, for the uninformed, are projectile items you can find throughout the Dark Souls series. In the original game, you can inflict damage on enemies with the deadly toxic status while poisoning you as well. But if you can hit enemies with adequately of these little rolled-up balls of shit and you can beat them, dung pies can be a potent way to deal with angry bosses. It just takes some planning, knowledge of attack practices, and a lot of patience.

One merchant of poop in Dark Souls is more than happy to supply you with an endless supply of dung piles, so Aggy’s run mostly comes down to dodging bosses as they gradually die from the toxic stench. He does take liberties here and there, such as using non-dung-pie-related exploits to defeat and/or avoid certain enemies that are resistant to poisoning, but after seeing him conquer the badass and unforgiving game’s final boss using just poop, you have to applaud for the guy.

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