Dave Bautista Posts Himself In Gears of War Armour

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Dave Bautista Posts Himself In Gears of War Armour

Dave Bautista wants to be in Netflix’s Gears of War movie as the star posted a video of himself in the game’s iconic armor on Twitter.

“I can’t make this any easier,” he said, tagging both Netflix and the official Gears of War Twitter account. The move is well timed given that Netflix announced the Gears of War film just a few days ago, alongside an adult animated series.

The footage isn’t new, however, as it comes from a 2019 Gears 5 trailer featuring Bautista after he was revealed as a playable DLC character.

But the actor thinks it’s the right time to pitch the idea, once again, for the role of Marcus Fenix. He previously turned down a role in the Fast and Furious franchise in order to follow the Gears of War movie, and has told Marcus Fenix as is his “dream role”.

“They wanted to talk to me about Fast and the Furious, and I said ‘I’m not interested, let’s talk about [Gears of War character] Marcus Fenix,’” he said at the time. He also commented that those making the film “could give AF” about his wish to join the project, though it’s not stopped Bautista from resuming his campaign work.

A Gears of War movie has been in the works since at least 2007 but worsened in development nightmares for much of that time. Many writers have joined and since left the project, with the movie changing hands from New Line to Universal and finally making its way now to Netflix.

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