Until Dawn – ‘Roses Are (Blood) Red’ Valentines Day Trailer

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Until Dawn

Sony released a Valentine’s Day trailer for Supermassive Games’ upcoming horror adventure game, Until Dawn dubbed ‘Roses Are (Blood) Red’.

In the game, “A group of eight friends on their annual mountain getaway, which turns into a night of sheer terror. However, before things go awry you’ll get to know the characters and understand the complex relationships in their social circle.

When you start the game you will meet the characters as they couple off around the house (by choice or circumstance) before their holiday turns into an all-out fight for survival.

Ashley and Chris are close friends and their ‘will-they won’t-they’ dynamic friendship isn’t pre-defined at the beginning of the game; your choices will decide if the relationship either blossoms or wilts before the night is out. That is, if they survive.

Choice is a central tenet of Until Dawn. Your actions not only determine who lives or dies, but will also directly influence the relationships between the characters (romantic or otherwise). You will even influence how characters react to each other.

If you are mean to a friend, they may or may not choose to save you later in the game. The narrative will always continue forward, adapting to your decisions throughout the game – meaning that your game will be noticeably different from anyone else’s.”

Until Dawn will be released sometime during this summer.

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