DAYZ Update 1.15 Released With An Army Of Improvements And New Content

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Bohemia Interactive has released the new update 1.15 for DayZ which comes with several worthy additions and enhancements to the game, including quality of life changes, new weapons, a new female character as well as new server management tools for server rental and owners.

One of the greatest additions in the DayZ 1.15 update is the famous AUR A1/AX bullpup rifle. It’s light, maneuverable, but still overwhelming when it comes to inflicting some pain. There are two versions of the rifle: the A1 with its scope and 30-round magazine and the more customizable AX edition which provides for a complete assortment of scopes and is compatible with standardized magazine sizes and suppressors.

Also added to the arsenal is the barbed wire baseball bat, which is always perfect in a post-apocalyptic world. Beyond that, there is a new hunter vest and a new female character which is now playable via the character selection main menu. The developers also fixed some clipping issues on headgear among numerous other improvements that gamers will appreciate. DayZ update 1.15 is out now for PC, Xbox, and PlayStation.

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