Dead By Daylight Is Getting A Feature Film Adaptation

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Dead By Daylight

Exciting news for horror game enthusiasts and moviegoers alike, as Dead by Daylight, the popular 4v1 asymmetrical horror game, is set to receive a feature film adaptation. This announcement was made by Atomic Monster and Blumhouse, the production companies behind hit horror movies such as Aquaman and Get Out, respectively. The film will be developed in collaboration with Behaviour Interactive, the game’s developer.

Dead by Daylight has amassed a dedicated following of fans, who eagerly anticipate the introduction of new characters and villains tied to popular horror franchises like Resident Evil and Stranger Things. In fact, last year Behaviour Interactive even launched a Dead by Daylight dating sim. With such a passionate fanbase, it’s no surprise that a film adaptation is in the works.

This announcement follows Blumhouse‘s recent declaration of plans to launch its own video game studio dedicated to producing horror games with budgets of $10 million or less. The initial development of Dead by Daylight reportedly cost $2 million, so Behaviour Interactive may offer Blumhouse some valuable advice while helping with the movie.

James Wan, known for his work as a horror director and writer on films like The Conjuring and Insidious franchises, as well as Furious 7 and Aquaman, is involved with the project through his production company, Atomic Monster. While he may not be directing the film himself, Wan’s keen understanding of the thin line between horror and humor could be a perfect fit for a Dead by Daylight movie. Wan himself expressed his excitement for the project in the press release, calling the game a “love letter to the world of horror.”

It remains to be seen how Dead by Daylight will translate to the big screen, given that there is virtually no in-game narrative and a cast of scary monster villains such as The Wraith, The Trickster, and The Hag, among others. However, fans can expect the film to feature a scrappy cast of snarky teens, who will have to try and outwit and outlast a big baddie. With the popularity of video game adaptations like The Last of Us series, it’s clear that Dead by Daylight is just the beginning of a new wave of video game movies. Stay tuned for more updates on this thrilling project.

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