Dead Island 2 Finally Released The Gameplay Trailer

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Dead Island 2

Dead Island 2 has made its return to Gamescom. The beleaguered zombie RPG showcased a new CGI trailer and a sizzle reel of characters smashing zombies like Gallagher going to town on a pallet of rotting watermelons. It comes out on February 3, 2023, almost precisely a year after 2022’s great gruesome zombie RPG.

Dead Island 2‘s latest trailer showed off Jacob, one of six playable zombie slayers. According to the game’s developers, these are “larger than life” characters with “unique” dialogue that showcases the game’s “pulpy” and “irreverent” tone. It also sports a co-op campaign, a bigger map, and a more complex dismemberment system than its predecessors. But if you asked me to figure out what sets the cursed project apart from other zombie games outside of its sun-soaked rendition of Venice Beach, I wouldn’t have a clue.

The game was infamously revealed back at E3 2014 with a CGI trailer showing a man jogging obliviously while everyone behind him is eaten alive by zombies. A brief gameplay trailer followed at Gamescom that summer which showed basically what we saw today, albeit much less pretty looking. Then the game disappeared. The original reveal trailer has been viewed on YouTube over 24 million times. The top comment with over 50,000 likes reads, “I was 12 when this trailer came out. I’m 43 now.” That was three years ago.

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