DEATH STRANDING’S New Character Trailer Will Confuse You Further

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I thought I’m starting to understand what Hideo Kojima has been making with his new Kojima Productions release game title Death Stranding, he releases a new character reveal trailer that throws a new turn to the story elements that his game world will bring for us. It was nice seeing the launch date trailer that showed us gameplay, more story intros, and the fact that we will be able to get our next PlayStation 4 exclusive game on November 8, 2019. It has given some short clarity to the game as we could now set up our pre-orders, but things go cryptic again as we meet Heartman.

Researcher and Collector Heartman looks like a strangely knowledgeable man who has to be resurrected every 21 minutes. Did I say that too loudly? Kojima has added a man who DIES EVERY 21 MINUTES! The bizarre reality was already broken with our lack of understanding of the paranormal creatures in the Death Stranding, but now we have a character who wears an AED pack for the same reason Iron Man wears his Arc Reactor.

This character release trailer serves as a marker that we really don’t know what exactly we are in for with this new game and when it comes to Kojima’s first unrestricted game. Without any big wig company giving due dates and limitations, we are already seeing the signs that he is going all out with this strange and bizarre game. watch the latest Death Stranding character trailer below and tell me what you think about it.

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