Deathloop Cheats, Tips And Tricks

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Understand the Loop for Deathloop

It is important that you know how the loop works in Blackreef, as the first 90 minutes of Deathloop will subtly introduce you to the laws you have to adhere to. Your victory in the game is dependent on your perception of those rules and how you can manage them to your advantage. Check out the rules below:

1) A day on Blackreef is made up of four-time periods (Morning, Midday, Afternoon, and Evening). There are also four sections (The Complex, Updaam, Fristad Rock, and Karl’s Bay).

2) From your bunker, you select a time and a place to explore. While you are investigating time doesn’t pass.

3) When you come back to your bunker, time advances, and you can Infuse items (after you complete the ‘Ubiquity’ Visionary Lead).

4) Dying 3 times before you make it back to the bunker will result in you losing anything you haven’t Infused, and you go back to the morning.

5) The only way to move between areas and times of day is Colt’s bunker.

6) You will get one final chance to Infuse anything you have the Residuum for at the end of the day. After that the day resets, and you die. With four time periods and four locations, you then have 16 places to choose and travel between.

Colt must kill 8  visionaries in a day to break free from the loop.

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