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Deathloop is an amazing game and right now it is receiving favorable reviews, the PC version seems to experience random performance bugs including stuttering, low/inconsistent FPS, and sometimes it freezes. These issues started rising up around after the two-hour mark. While a patch may help these issues, here are some quick tweaks that should help most PC gamers at least get through the worst of a cosmic game with some glitches needing to be fixed.

  • Turn off VSYNC in the visuals menu and use the FPS limiter or external graphics control panel to set the framerate

  • Turn off raytracing as that seems to be buggy at best currently and you won’t be missing much graphically

  • Check our Ambient Occlusion settings and match them up to your respective GPU manufacturer (NVIDIA = HBAO/AMD =FX CACAO)

  • Make sure you are running on FULL SCREEN instead of borderless fullscreen

  • Shadows have the largest performance hit out of any settings so if you are struggling to maintain that silky smooth FPS, drop that setting first

  • If you enable Temporal Anti Aliasing (TAA), make sure you enable sharpening as well or the image will be blurry. Also, disable motion blurring of all types. Nobody needs that garbage anyway.

  • The configuration files are located in %USERPROFILE%\Saved Games\Arkane Studios\Deathloop\base\ so feel free to tweak files here as well but make sure you backup any originals first!

Deathloop is one amazing game so far and while we anxiously await a performance/stability patch for the PC, these tweaks should definitely help you run without bugs on most machines right out of the box. Stay tuned and bookmark this page as we’ll proceed to renew any further tweaks, tips, or tricks we discover about the game and test to get the most out of this amazing and brilliant game.

Bethesda is reviewing reports of Denuvo DRM likely causing problems with PC performance. We will update this post when we know more about the problem.

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