DECISION: RED DAZE is Now Available On Steam!

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Indie developer FlyAnvil has just unleashed their newest game Decision: Red Daze on Steam and it might be that one good zombie game that can really set itself aside from the horde of zombie games which are available in the wild.

Decision: Red Daze is exciting because it is a blend of different genres, layered into the context of a zombified world. The Red Daze engulfs the continent leaving anything within it mutated and deranged. This is most fierce within an area known as the Dust Bowl. In true video game fashion, this is where you’re going to establish your base of survivors and look for any other humans who survived in the area. While the story itself isn’t the most creative, the gameplay is what really draws the eye with elements of survival, tower defense, crafting mechanics, and a story that is obviously reminiscent of both Wasteland and the Fallout franchise, drawing engagement from fans of both.

Decision: Red Daze is now available on Steam. Be sure to check out the trailer above.

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