DEEP ROCK GALACTIC Season 3 New Details And Release Date Revealed

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Ghost Ship Games is continuing its support of the successful space dwarves sim, Deep Rock Galactic, with the announcement of Season 3. This newest content update has been coined the game, Plaguefall, which suggests some sort of virus spreading throughout Hoxxes. They shared a brief title reveal via Twitter that revealed some concept art for the upcoming new season.

We can expect to see some new weapons, cosmetics, and what seems like a new enemy type. Are these mutated or infected glyphids? Maybe a new spawn of something more threatening hidden under the fiery rubble?

In regards to cosmetics, our favorite space dwarves are fitted with what looks like biohazard suits and some new weaponry. The new outfits look great and do not look like anything Ghost Ship Games has given us before, which is a very welcomed addition. Hazard suits, as well as masks, can all be acquired through the new season DLC cosmetic drop. No need to fret, it seems some of the hazard masks will allow beards to be revealed in all of their glory.

Just as before, the cosmetic DLC can be bought separately and the Season pass is free for all players. No need to stress about unlocking everything in the season since unlockables will still be obtainable through the game’s excellent loot system. Sadly, there is still no word on cross-platform play, which would be an amazing feat to unite all of DRG’s great community from all platforms.

Deep Rock Galactic Season 3: Plaguefall will be coming out on November 3, 2022, on PC via Steam, and console releases following shortly after.

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