Deep Thoughts About Graphics?

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Has it ever struck you that there’s something quite thought-provoking about the graphics in the games we play? Not so much the technical side of it all, concerning how they’re designed and coded, but the philosophical side, concerning the way we deem them realistic or not as time goes by.

GoldenEye or Magic Eye?

For instance, readers of a certain age might recall playing GoldenEye 007 on Nintendo 64 when it was released in 1997. It was and still is, a brilliant game, but back then it seemed incredibly life-like. Play it now and it looks like block city! It’s reminiscent of one of those Magic Eye pictures that require the viewer to blur the eyes in order to discern the mysterious figure lurking within. The same is true of any game that one has fond memories of and hasn’t revisited for some time.

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Paintings and photographs

What’s peculiar is that something can actually lose verisimilitude like this. It’s almost impossible to suspend one’s disbelief and really enter into a virtual world when the graphics just suck, yet when we didn’t think they sucked there was no problem at all! The same is true of paintings and photography. It’s hard to look at a revered painting from centuries ago and truly buy into the make-believe realm as viewers would have done when it was first painted; no matter how realistic it is, it can’t compare to a photograph, which is the form we are now accustomed to. This is why we wouldn’t question looking through photographs online or in a magazine but might feel odd about looking at the picture in a gallery.

Spending big on graphics

What this all means in practice is that often PC gamers end up having to spend a lot of money on graphics cards to play some of the more demanding games and actually feel that they’re having a realistic gaming experience. Meanwhile, the console gamers who favor the Xbox One or the PS4 can play amazing looking titles such as God of War, Assassin’s Creed Origins, and Destiny 2 without incurring this expense. Of course though, what they do have to do is update their consoles every few years instead.

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The wider gaming world

Aesthetics have always played a big role in gaming, and this is no different in the iGaming and gambling industry. Though the games are a little different, and the emphasis is less on the complexity of gameplay and more on suspense and the emotional intensity involved, there is still a consistent focus on quality. You don’t want to be looking at pixelated images anymore when you’re playing slot games than when you’re playing an FPS. This is why software providers such as Nektan slots invest substantial sums in development to ensure that their games such as Jungle Spirit, and many others which can be found on Casino Slots Guru, are always of the best quality.


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