Deep Down Trailer: Monsters in the Dark & Whispers from the Past

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With the PS4 still so shiny and new, the library of games available to play on the console remains quite limited, and one of the positive sides of this is that each upcoming next-gen exclusive game gets an extra dose of attention. One such game is Deep Down, an online fantasy RPG that’s exclusive to the PS4 and will be free-to-play, albeit with the usual microtransaction caveat.

For those unfamiliar with Deep Down‘s central conceit, this trailer is probably a little confusing. OK, even if you are familiar with the game then it’s probably still confusing. The main character is a member of a group of dungeon-crawlers called Ravens, who access the aforementioned dungeons by touching magical artifacts and activating the memories of their past owners. These, presumably, are the voices heard delivering random bits of dialogue over the top of the monster-fighting action.

The monster design itself is pretty interesting, though those Mimics are likely to bring back bad memories for those who survived Dark Souls. Combat appears to consist of the standard mix of cold steel and hot magic and, unlike the too-beautiful-to-be-true pre-rendered trailer (watch it below), this latest trailer seems to be composed entirely of in-game footage.


Although Deep Down is described as an RPG, it’s still unclear just exactly how much customization will be available. This trailer, for example, seems to show at least two different classes of playable character, but a recent statement from producer Kazunori Sugiura claimed that there is only one main male character. This was in response to a backlash against the claim that there would be twelve playable characters and every one of them would be male – a bit of a disappointment for RPG fans who like to play as female characters.

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