Deppart Is a Horrifying Body-Cam Horror Game With a PC Demo Out Now

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Deppart is a truly spine-chilling body-cam horror game that immerses players in its disturbing atmosphere and delivers stunning visuals that will leave you breathless. If you dare to step into its dark world, you can experience the terror firsthand right now. Developed by N4bA, this first-person nightmare has already made waves within the horror gaming community. The recently released demo on Itch.io has captivated players with its grim ambiance and chilling adversaries. The popularity of Deppart skyrocketed so rapidly that even renowned YouTube personality Markiplier uploaded a playthrough of the demo, further fueling the game’s intrigue. If you’re looking for a thrilling and heart-pounding experience but prefer a more spectator role, Markiplier’s playthrough is the perfect way to delve into the game without risking your own nerves.

When it comes to gameplay, Deppart embraces simplicity while challenging players with its unforgiving nature. As you navigate the endless corridors, your character, worn and drenched in blood, wields a pistol with an unsteady grip, anticipating the lurking horrors awaiting around each corner. The game is still a work in progress, but the bone-chilling thrills it provides are laying the foundation for what promises to be an exceptionally terrifying full release. If you’re eager to confront your fears head-on, you can download the Deppart Prototype from Itch.io. However, a word of caution: it’s highly recommended to lower your headphone volume to brace yourself for the intensity that awaits.

Deppart is part of a growing trend in the indie game scene, where developers are exploring the possibilities of ultra-realistic body-cam visuals. Another notable title in this category is Drama’s Unrecord. While lacking the same nightmarish settings found in N4bA’s project, Unrecord offers a thrilling first-person shooter experience with some of the most awe-inspiring photorealistic graphics ever seen in games. It’s reassuring to have the Deppart demo available today, giving us a taste of what’s to come while we eagerly await the inevitable influx of body-cam games that will grace players’ screens in the near future.

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