Desklab – Is This the Best 4K Gaming Monitor of 2021?

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A portable monitor is one of the most important gadgets in any gaming collection. It makes your video games more immersive with high resolution and vivid colors.

There are numerous models on the market, but many people consider Desklab the best 4K gaming monitor. It offers industry-standard resolution and many other gaming-compatible functions.

Here are the main features of this polished portable monitor:

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Taking Gaming to New Heights With 4K

One of the most significant features of Desklab is its 4K resolution. It provides a much better gaming experience than full HD screens. The pictures are so immersive and realistic that you may find yourself lost in your own fantasy world.

Furthermore, Desklab makes images more detailed to improve the aesthetics of your games. As a result, the background, titles, and characters look amazing in 4K.

Another great thing about the resolution is that it won’t go obsolete any time soon. Although there are 5K monitors, most people don’t have the hardware to support them. Consequently, Desklab will probably boast an industry-topping resolution for many years to come.

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Negligible Response Time to Ensure a Seamless Experience

Desklab wouldn’t be considered the best 4K gaming monitor without an optimal response time. It takes the screen just 10 milliseconds to shift from one color to the next, guaranteeing the sharpest images. It outperforms many table-top monitors and laptops in this regard.

Whether you connect your smartphone or tablet to Desklab, your gaming experience will be seamless. With little to no lag, you can excel in competitive online games and be more likely to come out on top.

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Excellent Contrast Ratio

This 4K gaming monitor offers a 1200:1 contrast ratio. In the recommended range of 1000:1-3000:1, it delivers well-balanced light and dark colors on your screen. The blacks aren’t too muddy, and the whites aren’t too glaring.


Highly Portable

The first thing you’ll notice when unboxing Desklab is its seamless design. It’s one of the lightest (about 1.3 pounds), and thinnest (0.23 inches) monitors on the market.

Considering the screen is 15.6 inches wide (like most laptops), the weight and thickness might surprise you. You can easily store the device in a laptop case or travel bag without using too much space. If you’re traveling and want to enjoy some action-packed gaming, Desklab is the perfect solution.

Besides being lightweight, the best 4K gaming monitor is also relatively sturdy. The frame is made of high-quality metal, making it extremely durable.


Convenient and Easy to Use

Besides being travel-friendly, this ultralight portable 4K monitor is a convenient gadget. Regardless of the method of connectivity or device you use, it’ll adapt instantly. As soon as you link Desklab to another device, it’ll immediately relay the image.

This means you can quickly launch your gaming sessions with Desklab. The setup is minimal, and there’s virtually no learning curve.


Built-In Ports and Available Accessories

Desklab is equipped with all the necessary buttons to facilitate ease of use. The left side of the portable monitor is home to various connectivity ports:

  • Full-sized HDMI port
  • Five-millimeter AUX audio jack
  • Two USB-C ports

The right side contains the control keys:

  • Volume down and menu navigation 1
  • Volume up and menu navigation 2
  • Power button
  • USB-A port for connecting a keyboard or mouse

With such a wide array of ports, this portable monitor works with most major devices, including PCs, gaming consoles, smartphones, tablets, and MacBooks. You can also use Desklab with all major operating systems, such as Windows, Linux, and iOS. This feature enables you to game from practically any source.

On top of that, the manufacturer sells a fully functional magnetic cover that also serves as a stand. It’s a well-made product and a must-have if you plan on using your portable monitor on your desk.

Bear in mind you’ll need to purchase the magnetic stand separately.

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Ample Customizability Options

Unlike standard monitors, Desklab allows you to customize the image relayed from your smartphone or tablet. You can adjust a large number of settings (e.g., volume, brightness, sharpness, and contrast) to reach the optimal level of comfort. With a few quick tweaks, you can create a perfect gaming station.


Solid Audio

Desklab comes with built-in hi-fi speakers that produce satisfying stereo sound. There’s no need to bring bulky external speakers to your gaming sessions.

The sound quality is also excellent. The bass is usually crisp, and you get decent clarity with most video games. For an even better experience, you can always plug in your headphones.

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The Best 4K Gaming Monitor With First-Rate Features

Desklab might be the best gaming monitor due to so many admirable qualities. Its 4K resolution and minimal response time promise high performance and stunning visual effects. There’s also universal compatibility, meaning you can connect it to nearly any device. Best of all, you can use the gadget from anywhere owing to its portable, lightweight design.

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