Destiny 2 Cheats, Tips & Hacks

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Getting the most out of Destiny 2 requires hard work and a plenty of time. The Destiny 2 cheats, tips, and hacks won’t save you from spending a lot of time to level your character, but they will make things a bit easier, Trust us.

Destiny 2 cheats, tips, and hacks make things easier for you in two ways. First, they enable you to get some basic gear earlier than you would by following the game’s regular progress. Other tips get you to the game’s Max Power Level promptly, so that you can have the best weapons and gear.

Check out the 5 Destiny 2 cheats, tips, and hacks.

Get Max Power Level

Destiny 2 has two different leveling systems, and your Power Level matters more as you advance. Your character’s Power Level depends on the equipment they have equipped with. The more powerful, and the rarer your gear, the higher your Power Level is. At launch, Destiny 2’s Max Power Level is 350.

Destiny 2

To max out your Power Level, be sure to give plenty of time to finishing quests and Raids. These will get you Legendary and Exotic Engrams that you can use to make stronger items.

Also, take Milestones into consideration. They award enhanced gear that has a higher Power Level than the gear you have equipped when you complete them. Just be sure to not use Milestones to boost your Power Level and gear until your power level is high enough that you can get the valuable gear out of them.

Unlock Your Sparrow Early

Destiny 2- Sparrow

Destiny 2 has four huge worlds. You must travel all over them to complete Activities and uncover the secrets of the game’s Lost Sectors. That’s why you need a Sparrow as soon as possible; they’re floating cycles that get you where you need to go fast.

There are two ways to get a Sparrow., and both methods require Bright Engrams. Save the Bright Engrams you get every time you level and turn them into Tess Everis at the Farm. You stand a small chance of unlocking a Sparrow this way. If you’re willing to spend real-world money, you can buy Silver and use that to buy Bright Engrams. Open the Bright Engrams and you may get a Sparrow.

Easily Find Scannable Objects with Your Ghost

Destiny 2
The Kill Tracker Ghost in Destiny 2

Keep an eye on your Ghost’s location to make sure you don’t leave anything. When you’re near a Scannable Object, your Ghost, the triangular robot that hovers just beside you, will turn in a scannable object’s direction.

Where to Get Legendary Shards

Every weekend, Xur appears in Destiny 2’s worlds selling Exotic weapons, armor, and gear that you can’t get from anywhere else. Xur doesn’t accept Silver as payment, instead, you need Legendary Shards.

You get Legendary Shards every time you break down Legendary or Exotic Weapons. A Legendary item gets you 2 Legendary Shards, and an Exotic item gets you 10 Legendary Shards. Other activities, like Nightfall Strikes, Flashpoints, Lost Sector Battles, Raids, and Planetary Chests, also offer Legendary Shards.

Finish as many weekly missions as you can to unlock Legendary Shards and save them for safekeeping. You can maximize your earnings further by creating three characters instead of one because Destiny 2 characters on the same account share inventories. As there are three different Destiny 2 character classes, you may want to create three different carriers just to experience every class and subclass anyway.

When You’re Short on Time, Buy Silver

Destiny 2

Destiny 2 has over 100 hours of content, according to Bungie, and not everyone has the time to collect Engrams, Shards, and other materials to get the most out of the game. Still, they want some of the extras that other players who have the time to spend get. Silver acts as an alternative around pounding for materials.

Silver comes in $4.99, $9.99, $19.99 and $49.99 increments. The more money you are willing to spend, the more silver you get. You can use that Silver to purchase Bright Engrams from Tess Everis after you reach Level 20. Decrypting those Bright Engrams unlocks shaders, weapons, weapon mods, and Ghosts. You may also get a Sparrow.

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