Destiny 2: How To Get Wicked Implement Exotic Quest

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Destiny 2

Destiny 2 players have been thrilled by the arrival of a brand new Exotic weapon as part of the Season of the Deep. This latest addition, known as the Wicked Implement, takes the form of a formidable Scout Rifle that harnesses the potent power bestowed upon it by Xivu Arath. However, acquiring this coveted Exotic in Destiny 2 is no small feat, as it entails embarking on a time-consuming quest followed by a challenging and timed mission. Brace yourselves, Guardians, for an adventure that will test your mettle… in the most unexpected way: fishing.

Exotic Quests are no strangers to the world of Destiny 2, but the Wicked Implement quest stands out as one of the more arduous endeavors. If you wish to claim this exceptional Scout Rifle for yourself, swift action is imperative, as the window of opportunity closes with the conclusion of Season of the Deep in August. As Season 21 unfolds, Guardians will find themselves venturing into the perilous depths of the Methane Sea on Titan, where the path to obtaining the Wicked Implement awaits. Prepare yourselves, for here is a guide on how to embark on this treacherous journey and secure the Wicked Implement in Destiny 2.


Step 1: Fishing In The Throne World

To embark on the first step of the quest, players must venture into the enigmatic realm of Savathun’s Throne World. Deep within this mysterious domain lies the hidden gem—the coveted Miasma Fish Pond. Here, players must set aside their weapons and engage in an unconventional activity: fishing. Amidst the presence of the Scorn and Lucent Hive, players must cast their lines and patiently wait for the fates to align, granting them a chance encounter with the elusive Whispering Mothcarp.

The Whispering Mothcarp, an Exotic fish of great allure, holds the key to progressing through the subsequent stages of this clandestine Destiny 2 Exotic quest. As the catch rate for Exotic fish is subject to the whims of random chance, some players may find themselves waiting patiently for their prized catch. Nonetheless, it is crucial to persevere, harnessing bait and relying on luck to secure the enigmatic Whispering Mothcarp within the ethereal boundaries of Savathun’s Throne World.

While patience reigns supreme in the art of fishing in Destiny 2, players can exert a minuscule influence over the RNG (Random Number Generator) governing the Fish Pond’s offerings. By refraining from immediately collecting the fish they catch, players can amass a bountiful assortment of Legendary and Exotic fish. When the next Fish Pond materializes, players can then retrieve their accumulated treasures, enhancing their chances of capturing Legendary and Exotic fish through the power of Focused Fishing. Each filled bar of Focused Fishing augments the odds of hooking these rare aquatic marvels.


Step 2: Fishing In Nessus

Having traversed the celestial expanse, players now find themselves amidst the splendorous realm of Nessus, disregarding the beckoning call of Failsafe. Guided by their intuition, players must mount their trusty Sparrows and race towards The Cistern, nestled near the resplendent Pools of Luminance. It is here, within the shimmering radiolarian pools, colloquially known as “Vex Milk,” that players shall once again engage in the art of fishing, suppressing their primal urge for Vex-eradication.

The coveted catch in this aquatic expedition is none other than the Vex Placoderm—an Exotic fish infused with the essence of the Vex themselves. This enigmatic piscine specimen assumes paramount significance in the subsequent step, wherein players must embark on another expedition, this time venturing forth to the H.E.L.M. The pursuit of this Exotic fish demands unwavering patience and an abundant supply of Bait, for it is only through fortunate circumstances that players can secure the prized Vex Placoderm, propelling them forward on the quest’s path.


Step 3: Fishing In The EDZ

In the pursuit of the coveted Wicked Implement Exotic weapon, players must now set their sights on capturing the third and final Exotic fish—the Aeonian Alpha-Betta. Nestled within the Fish Pond located in the EDZ’s Outskirts, this elusive piscine marvel demands the utmost dedication and a tranquil composure from aspiring anglers.

As the waiting game unfolds, players must arm themselves with an abundance of bait and an unwavering reservoir of patience. Only by displaying unyielding resolve and embracing the serenity of the fishing experience can players hope to encounter the Aeonian Alpha-Betta. However, with the capture of this third and final fish, players may finally reclaim their weapons and resume their ongoing battle against the formidable Xivu Arath.


Step 4: Deposit At The H.E.L.M.

Having triumphantly ensnared the Whispering Mothcarp, the Vex Placoderm, and the Aeonian Alpha-Betta, players must now set aside their fishing gear and embark upon a pilgrimage to the H.E.L.M. Within the confines of the Sonar Station lies an extraordinary Aquarium, wherein players may deposit their hard-earned fish, akin to the act of depositing motes in the PvPvE’s Gambit mode.

By relinquishing all three Exotic fish into the secure confines of the deposit box, players shall be rewarded with a random Exotic item, accompanied by the most crucial artifact required to progress through the quest. The Broken Blade of Strife shall be granted in exchange for the Whispering Mothcarp, the Broken Blade of Ambition for the Vex Placoderm, and the Broken Blade of Cunning for the Aeonian Alpha-Betta. These fragmented legendary items serve as integral components in the trials that lie ahead. Only by amassing all three Broken Blades can players forge a path through the Wicked Implement Exotic Quest, unveiling the secrets it holds.


Step 5: Deep Dive Hive Statue Location #1

Embarking upon the subsequent step of the extraordinary Destiny 2 Exotic quest, players must navigate the depths of a Deep Dives activity. Whether venturing forth alone, with a trusty Fireteam, or alongside three fortuitous strangers, players must be prepared for the challenges that lie ahead.

As the journey progresses, players shall descend through the treacherous abyss, traversing the Methane Sea of Titan. Amidst clusters of vibrant yellow coral, players must veer right, descending further into the abyss, until they chance upon the first Hive Statue concealed within the heart of the Deep Dives activity.

Here, players have the opportunity to offer their broken blade, igniting the Hive Statue with an enchanting orange flame. A cryptic message will manifest, proclaiming, “A bladed offering, accepted…” This proclamation signifies that the story has yet to fully unfold, accompanied by the resounding voice of Xivu Arath echoing through the depths: “LET SPILL INTO THE SEAS OF TITAN, UNTIL THE TIDES RETREAT AT MY NAME.”


Step 6: Deep Dive Hive Statue Location #2

Having vanquished the twilight-laden depths of the Deep Dive’s Twilight area and emerged triumphant from the first encounter amidst the 1000 Meters in the Methane Sea, players may progress further along the quest’s path. Interestingly, the next Hive Statue awaits not in the subsequent section but rather in the same area as the Twilight mission room. To discover this hidden location, players must navigate to Ahsa’s Gift and veer left, following a path that leads to a once-sealed door.

Concealed behind this previously inaccessible entrance lies the second Hive Statue within the confines of the Deep Dive activity. An eerie ambiance permeates the chamber, with naught but the enigmatic Statue adorning the room’s interior. Paralleling its predecessor, the second Hive Statue stands identical in form yet resides in a distinct location. Offering the Broken Blade of Ambition upon the Statue’s altar shall once again elicit the proclamation, “A bladed offering, accepted…” As confirmation of this step’s completion, Xivu Arath’s voice resounds with ominous vigor: “THE WHETSTONE AWAITS. BRING YOUR VIOLENCE LIKE A WAVE AGAINST MINE STONES.”


Step 7: Deep Dive Hive Statue Location #3

Having imbued the second Hive Statue with the Blade of Ambition, intrepid explorers must press onward through the Deep Dive activity, resuming their journey from the 2000 Meters mark within the Methane Sea. Upon reaching the 2000 Meters milestone, players must navigate leftward, closely following the trail of air bubbles while avoiding the depths below.

Remaining steadfast in their leftward pursuit, players shall encounter the final Hive Statue concealed within the depths of the Deep Dive. This remarkable discovery brings players one step closer to claiming a new Exotic for their illustrious collection. Here, the culmination of their endeavors culminates as they offer the final Broken Blade of Cunning, eliciting the familiar proclamation, “A bladed offering, accepted…” Reverberating through the darkness, Xivu Arath’s voice resounds once more: “BLADED AND SCABBARD PART WAYS! BARE YOUR VIOLENCE UPON MINE ALTAR.”


Step 8: Complete The Midnight Area

Upon reaching the 2750 Meters mark within the Methane Sea, players must complete the activity within the Midnight area. However, instead of proceeding along the usual route to continue the Deep Dive, players must veer right, embarking upon a path that was once inaccessible but now welcomes all who embark upon this quest. In unison, all members of the Fireteam must interact with the two Hive Statues, located opposite each other, holding the interaction button to “Carve a Path of Violence.”

Emerging through the water gate adjacent to these Hive Statues, players shall advance through the Wrathborn Sink area. A lengthy passage lies ahead, yet it offers only a solitary path forward. As they progress, players shall face the formidable Khull, Executioner Knight, a Taken Knight boss whose teleports after reaching certain damage thresholds.

Venturing forth, players shall arrive at The Drowning, a Restricted Zone adorned with the architectural splendor of the Darkness’ Pyramid ships. Fully equipped with ample ammunition, honed builds, and formidable supers, players must stand prepared, for as they forge ahead, they shall embark upon the most arduous trial of this new Exotic Quest within Destiny 2—a timed mission.


Step 9: Complete The Mission In Less Than 10 Minutes

Upon entering The Drowning, players shall confront The Taken with unyielding resolve. From this point onward, a strict time limit of ten minutes shall govern their progress. Diligence in eliminating the spawning Taken foes and targeting the Pyramid structures to unlock doors is of paramount importance. It is crucial to note that this is a Darkness Zone, meaning that failure is not an option throughout the duration of this encounter.

Players must vanquish Omen, Blade of the Black Terrace within the Tirtha Bind area, a labyrinthine expanse that demands a keen eye for the “Honed” Taken enemies. Defeating these foes shall bestow the Deathly Sharp buff, which, when accumulated to a factor of three, will enable players to locate and damage the boss. Subsequently, players will have approximately one minute to damage the boss, a Tormentor of immense resilience and relentless agility.

Upon emerging victorious, players must swiftly navigate the area, locating the Darkness statue from which they shall Claim Power. As a testament to their triumph, players shall be bestowed with the Exotic Scout Rifle: Wicked Implement. This remarkable firearm, infused with Kinetic and Stasis power, serves as a testament to the perseverance and skill exhibited throughout the quest. Congratulations shall be in order for a job exceptionally well done.

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