Destiny 2: The Complete Guide to The Duality Dungeon

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Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is in its fifth year of content and Duality is the first of the two dungeons being released for this latest version of the game.

The dungeon transports you inside the mind of Emperor Calus. It leads you on an adventurous journey where you have to interrogate his biggest fears in order to help you discover his true intentions and those of the Witness too.

DualityDungeon has rightly enjoyed critical acclaim. There are numerous exciting features and challenges to give you a great gaming experience. Whether it is some of the truly memorable boss fights you will encounter or the awesome loot that is considered the best yet, Destiny 2 has delivered a fantastic version of this hugely popular game.

As you would expect, Duality Dungeon sets you up with some fiendishly difficult challenges.

Here is a look at what you need to know about The Duality Dungeon. This guide will offer walkthrough tips and suggest ways to conquer the various difficult scenarios you will encounter.

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Destiny 2

What setting should you choose?

A good starting point would be to discuss the two difficulty variants you have to choose between when playing Duality Dungeon.

The two options are either Legend or Master. The default setting for the game is Legend and that is the one you should opt for if you are new to the game and will be attempting to complete Duality for the first time.

Make no mistake, the Master option is considerably more complex with extra features and challenges such as Champions and Match Game. The rewards might be viewed as better by experienced players of the game but you really would be better off starting with Legend for starters.

Trials of Osiris in Destiny 2

What’s the difference between the two levels?

If you are not sure which one to choose here is a quick overview of the key differences between Legend and Master.

Power levels are quite similar. It is 1,550 for Legend and 1,590 for Master.

There are no modifiers with the Legend version. With Master, you get Champions – Barrier, and Unstoppable. You also get a Match Game feature.

Another noticeable difference is with the armor set. Each encounter within this version of Dungeon drops an exclusive armor set in conjunction with high-set rolls. If you do play the Master difficulty level this armor becomes Artifice armor instead.

Bearing in mind how powerful Artifact mods can be, this is a sizable power bump that enables you to fit a variety of mods into your armor options.

Some of these weapons include an exotic sword called Heartshadow that makes you invisible after a kill. Also, Stormchaser is a notable weapon upgrade. It provides a burst of three rounds via a Linear Fusion Rifle that delivers Arc damage.

You can familiarize yourself with all of these options at your leisure. In the meantime, here is a look at how to start playing The Duality Dungeon.

First of all, you will need to acquire the “A Single Thread” quest from Hawthorne in the Tower so that you can access the duality dungeon.

The next step would be to purchase the Witch Queen Dungeon Key for Destiny 2. After you have done this, speak with her at the Tower in order to begin your quest.

These steps are designed to give you basic access to the dungeon. You will discover that it is possible to start your mission from your Director, which is located beneath the Moon tab.

Destiny 2

All about the hidden chests

This version of Duality Dungeon contains two hidden chests randomly distributed across its platforming sections.

You will find that the first of these chests is uncovered during a statue puzzle challenge. The second will be revealed immediately after you successfully beat the second encounter.

You will need to enter a circular room that contains Gahlran statues to uncover one of the hidden chests. Once inside, focus your attention on the doorways on the upper floor. One of these doors will be slightly ajar. This is the one that will have a chest inside.

Locating the second hidden chest will involve navigating the vault.

Immediately after you have managed to defeat the Champion trio as part of the second encounter, you will discover a room that contains a large cube covered by a white tarp. Position yourself so that you walk underneath the structure and are looking towards the entrance. This will enable you to uncover a chest that has been hidden under a walkway.

Entering the Echo of Calus’s Consciousness

Entering the Echo of Calus’s Consciousness

The next phase of the game requires you to enter the Echo of Calus’s Consciousness.

To do this you will need to start your mission within an infested Tribute Hall. You are told that Eris Morn has discovered a way of extracting Calus’s consciousness from one of his statues within the hall. She will offer to open a path to his mind. To accept this invitation you should walk beside the statue in order to start the dungeon.

Once you have been accepted Eris will then use teleportation to send you to a locked room with no apparent exit.

The way to tackle this conundrum is to look through the door so that you can see a bell located at the other end of the room. Take a shot at the bell in order to gain access to the Realm of Nightmares. This is your means of escape.

Once out, make your way to the bell within the Nightmare. When you are standing next to the bell, shoot it. This action will return you to the Material Realm.


Understanding core mechanics

There are two core mechanics to focus on when learning how to play the game, Bells and Realms.

Every encounter in Duality Dungeon will involve using at least one bell so that you can switch between realms of reality. It is possible to shoot a bell inside the Material Realm from any position. However, you need to be aware that activating a Nightmare bell when you are not right by the side of it will result in being killed.

Your aim should be to activate a bell so that you can be transported to the exact same location in another realm.

Destiny 2

What to do once you are back in the Material Realm

The first thing to be wary of when you are transported back to the Material Realm is the fact that Calus’s soldiers will immediately begin firing at you.

You will need to overcome this challenge and use your weapons to take them down.

Once you have achieved this aim, direct your attention towards the ceiling and walls in search of an upward path. Once you discover this path, climb up the platforms that line the edges of the walls, before climbing onto the beams that run across the center of the room.

Be mindful that you will have to ascend to the very top of the chamber in order to uncover the next bell. You will need to damage the bell to switch realms, which can be done by climbing to the roof and turning around.

Be wary of the threat of Psions during your climb.

Destiny 2- Sparrow

Watch out for an ambush when you switch realms

One of the challenges associated with switching realms is a small ambush. To survive this ambush you will need to leap toward one of the pillars nearby and use it for cover. While using this cover, pick off the Cabal with your Primary.

As soon as you are confident that the danger has been cleared you should head to the opposite end of the room, before damaging the bell so that you are then able to switch realms.

You will have to defeat the Cabal who are guarding the room. Once this has been achieved, take a look to your left so that you can see a bell that is situated just beyond the closed doors.

As before, you should shoot at this bell before jumping to the center platform. Here you will find the freshly-spawned Cabal. You will have to look to your left to find an unobstructed path to proceed ahead.

At this point, you will find the same bell you shot at earlier. This will take you back to the Material Realm, where you should keep descending in order to discover the next bell.

It is hoped that you have become quite proficient at shooting bells by the time you reach this point in the game. That should give you the confidence to continue by descending into the massive chamber you see. You will need to eliminate any Cabal you encounter while tackling this phase of the game.

Your reward for defeating all the Cabal will be to see a hatch opening up in the middle of the room. This will unveil the path to the first encounter.

Nightmare of Gahlran

Defeating the Nightmare of Gahlran

Your next challenge involves the need to defeat the Nightmare of Gahlran, Sorrow Bearer.

Here is an overview of the key points to remember about this particular encounter.

Again, you will need to shoot at bells to be able to switch between dimensions. A set of Bellkeepers will need to be slain for each single bell use.

You only have one minute (on a timer) to defeat Psions and collect Standard Essence. Every Psion kill will give you an extra 15 seconds on the clock.

Deposit this Standard Essence in order to gain access to a side room. You will need to shoot a bell inside each newly opened room to be able to reach Visions of Galhran.

You will discover that Gahlran is incredibly agile and if you attempt to attack him from one of the vantage points, he will hide.

Aim to gain a debuff known as Nightmare Collapsing. This lasts one minute, and you will have to leave the Nightmare Realm within that time if you don’t want to expire at this point in the game.

Your ultimate goal within the Nightmare Realm is to kill the Psions that spawn in one of the four side rooms that are contained within the arena. Be mindful that despite the fact all of the doors will open, just two Psions will spawn.

You can use your radar to find out which rooms the Psions are in. Enter these rooms and kill both War Beats and Psions located inside each room.

A good tip to take on board about your trip to the Nightmare Realm would be to collect both of the Standard Essences on your initial visit. This action will give you the advantage of being able to clear two rooms at once so that you can commence the DPS phase straight away.

Nightmare of Gahlran

Attention to detail is important

It will help your progress within the game if you remember that each corner of the Nightmare Realm contains small but important details that reveal which symbol you will claim.

War Beast is signified by a dog statue. The Axes room has, not surprisingly, axe symbols, the Sun has a very large sun symbol, and Chalices has, yes you guessed it, chalices in the center of the room. The relevance of paying attention to these details is that it will help you to maintain a good level of orientation throughout the game.

There are lots of other aspects of the game and challenges that you will learn as your game time and experience evolves.

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Playing Destiny 2 The Duality Dungeon will prove to be an exciting challenge that will test your gaming skills to the max.

Are you ready to take up that challenge?

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