Destiny 2: The Mystery of the Veil Explained

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Destiny 2

The captivating realm of Destiny 2 encompasses a multitude of enigmas, and with each new expansion, players are treated to fresh challenges, raid races, and captivating pieces of lore that allow them to fully immerse themselves in their roles as Guardians. Bungie’s latest expansion, Lightfall, took players on an epic journey to the enigmatic world of Neomuna, where the introduction of Strand, the second Darkness power, sparked curiosity and intrigue among the fanbase. However, it also brought about a new mystery for players to ponder—the elusive artifact known as The Veil.

The Witness, a central character in the expansion, embarked on an ambitious quest to uncover the secrets of The Veil. Although almost every NPC involved in the plot seemed to possess knowledge of this mysterious artifact, concrete details about its nature remained absent, much to the chagrin of some fans. Many had hoped that Lightfall’s release would shed light on The Veil’s significance, especially given The Witness’ relentless pursuit of it, but the expansion left players with even more questions than answers. Nonetheless, Bungie has made efforts to address this oversight and provide players with some answers in the subsequent Season of the Deep.

The intrigue surrounding The Veil started with its first mention by Rasputin before his heroic sacrifice at the end of Season of the Seraph. Described as a paracausal force with potential ties to the Traveler, The Veil was believed to be a source of immense power wieldable only by The Witness. During the Lightfall expansion, Guardians found themselves engaged in a race against time to reach The Veil’s hiding place before the formidable forces of Calus and The Witness.

In the absence of definitive information, various theories about The Veil began to emerge. Some fervent Destiny 2 players speculated that The Veil might serve as a physical embodiment of a metaphysical barrier between the opposing forces of Light and Darkness, given its supposed connection to both. Over time, these theories gained traction, with some players suggesting that The Veil could be the dark counterpart to The Traveler, representing the source of the Darkness’ powers.

However, as Season of the Deep unfolded, players were granted a more profound understanding of The Veil’s enigmatic nature through a captivating cutscene featured in the Parting The Veil quest. The cutscene offered a glimpse into the origins of The Witness, revealing how the ancient people of Neomuna discovered the Darkness while delving into The Veil’s connection to the Traveler. This revelation hinted at The Veil’s role as a dark mirror to the Traveler, serving as the wellspring of the Darkness’ potent abilities.

Surprisingly, another avenue of discovery for The Veil’s backstory had existed in Destiny 2 for some time, unbeknownst to most players due to its hidden accessibility issues. The Veil Containment mission, offering weekly updates of lore pertaining to the game’s most significant mystery, required Guardians to complete the lengthy Unfinished Business Exotic quest to gain entry. Once within, players encountered audio logs that provided intriguing information about The Veil’s past.

These audio logs, belonging to Chioma Esi of the Ishtar Collective, shed light on her and her wife, Maya Sundaresh’s journey to Neptune following the Collapse. It was there that they established Neomuna and stumbled upon The Veil. The logs further unveiled Maya’s growing obsession with The Veil and the Vex, which eventually led her to create an Exo clone of herself known as Lakshmi-2—a connection that ties to Lakshmi-2’s fascination with the Vex in Season of the Splicer.

Week 9’s audio logs likened The Veil to a web of consciousness, distinct from the artificial nature of the Vex in Destiny 2. Chioma Esi speculated about the Vex’s interest in controlling The Veil and pondered paracausal simulations. These revelations provided valuable context for the happenings on Neptune and Neomuna, shedding light on how The Veil influences the latter and enables the projection of its inhabitants’ minds into holographic forms.

While The Veil Containment mission offered a wealth of lore and insights into The Veil, its accessibility issues presented a challenge for many Guardians. Players had to make weekly trips to the outskirts of Neomuna and listen to audio logs to stay informed. This barrier may have led a significant portion of Destiny 2’s player base to miss out on crucial lore developments, further underscoring the importance of more accessible storytelling in the game.

Despite the initial criticisms and questions raised by Lightfall’s launch, Season of the Deep managed to address some of the fanbase’s burning inquiries, offering a glimmer of hope that more answers lie ahead. As the Destiny 2 universe continues to evolve, the allure of unraveling the secrets of The Veil remains a driving force for players in their ongoing quest to protect the cosmos from darkness and chaos.

Destiny 2 continues to be available on multiple platforms, including PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S, inviting Guardians to embark on ever-expanding adventures within its mesmerizing world.

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