Destiny Beta Available for PS3 and PS4 Players First New Trailer Released

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At their PS4 Launch Event, Sony came prepared with plenty of announcements to establish the PlayStation brand’s potential in the present and in the future. And, as we now know, that future includes an early trip to the world of Destiny for PS3 and PS4 players.

Bungie COO Pete Parsons took the stage at New York’s Standard hotel to reveal that PS3 and PS4 players will gain early access to the Destiny beta when it goes live next year. So, although a Destiny pre-order gets you into the beta, it doesn’t mean you’ll be the first to explore Bungie’s new universe.

In addition to the beta exclusivity announcement, Bungie also unleashed a new trailer for Destiny to coincide with the launch of the PS4. Obviously, the gameplay featured within the trailer is for all to enjoy, but the congratulatory message at the end is specifically geared at new PS4 owners.

The trailer itself features closer looks at combat in Destiny, as well as one of the larger boss-type enemies. It’s an admittedly brief glimpse, but one that adequately intrigues without delving too deep into the mythology of the game. This is, after all, a shooter, but one with a massive scope and an intriguing approach to cooperative and competitive multiplayer.


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