DESTINY’S Next Expansion Poster Leaked on Reddit

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A Poster for what seems to be Destiny’s next expansion was leaked last night on Reddit. Although I always take these things with the largest grain of salt until they become official, sources close to Bungie have confirmed to Kotaku the authenticity of this image.

From what we can appreciate, the upcoming expansion will be titled Rise of Iron. Featured in the poster we can see what can be identified as Lord Saladin holding the titan’s iconic hammer, while surrounded by an amicable pack of wolves, all while standing next to some sort of dilapidated structure in what looks like the Earth Cosmodrome. According to Kotaku’s source, this expansion will be packed with twice the amount of content of both year-one DLCs and it will, non-surprisingly, feature a new raid. This new raid will supposedly be based on content that was previously cut from House of Wolves.

The authenticity of these marketing materials seems plausible if we take into account that Activision did issue a statement and a report to its investors about Bungie releasing a large expansion for Destiny in 2016 and a sequel to the game in 2017.

An official statement has yet to be made by either Activision or Bungie regarding this alleged leak, so rest assured we’ll stay alert for further updates.


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