Details of Triple Damage Mode Which Is Coming in OVERWATCH Experimental Mode 

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In the latest developer update, Jeff Kaplan, the game director for Overwatch, talks about the Experimental card in the game that is listed to go live tomorrow.

One of the first available modes to play will be Triple Damage, which will change the role queue system that has been rigorously maintained in casual and ranked play on Overwatch. Rather than the traditional 2-2-2 division of tank, damage, and support roles, the Triple Damage mode will highlight a 1-3-2 role lock.

The goal of this experimental mode is to watch the queue times for Damage players who have the chance to fill half of a team’s roles with the new ratio of players. In addition, with only one tank on each team, the experimental mode will also have huge buffs to Roadhog, Zarya, and D.Va. The changes are in anticipation of these three heroes being chosen as the only tank in a game.

Kaplan talks about the experimental nature of these modes and their separation from the main game, in order to stop any confusion or anxiety over supposed changes to the gameplay. The Experimental card will still allow players to progress in level, though, and games will still count toward any in-game progress like limited-time events and cosmetic rewards.


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