Developer Commentary For PLANET OF LANA

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Thunderful and Wishfully Studios are ready to talk to players about their game design choices. In fact, they take roughly 18 minutes to talk players through some of the systems players can expect to experience in the game and the design choices the team has made in creating this anticipated puzzle adventure game.

Overlaying the commentary is an extended gameplay video revealing some of the awe-inspiring natural environments players can expect to see throughout the game. It also reveals some of the amazing companion mechanics players can expect to experience between Lana and her cat-like companion Mui as they work together to overcome obstacles and outsmart deadly robotic foes. Meanwhile, creative director Adam Stjarnljus and co-director and scriptwriter Klas Eriksson offer some fascinating insights on what’s on show in the gameplay and what we can expect to experience in the full game next year.

It’s nice to see more of Lana and her cat pal Mui work together through this off-earth odyssey. It will be released in Spring 2023 on PC via Steam, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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