DEVIL MAY CRY 3 SPECIAL EDITION Is Coming To Switch Early Next Year

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DmC Devil May Cry: Definitive Edition

On February 20th, Switch gamers will finally be given access to the origin story of the legendary demon slayer Dante, in Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition. Devil May Cry 3 tells the story of a more youthful Dante and his encounter with Vergil. Along the way to this final battle, Dante will meet many demons and find mighty weapons to kill his foes. As is standard Devil May Cry fashion, style is the name of the game and to help solve this DMC3 introduced a weapon quick-change system to let players battle how they want with less menu interference. The Switch version of DMC3 will also see the return of Vergil as a playable character and the entirety of Bloody palace mode. The title will also be completely playable in both docked and handheld modes allowing you to take the demon-slaying on the go! Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition will be available digitally for $19.99 upon its release on February 20, 2020. Devil May Cry and Devil May Cry 2 are also available on the Switch for for the same amount of money.


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