Diablo 4 – Integral Story Characters Introduced Thus Far

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Diablo 4

There will be chaos and destruction yet again for the people of Sanctuary, come 6th June.

After 50 years have passed since the events of Diablo 3, what remains of humanity is struggling to survive, holding on to any semblance of society.

Now, two (2) ancient forces have returned to exert their control on what they deem is rightfully theirs, each opposing the other in more ways than one.

With new places set to be explored and a few old characters making their appearance, it might be a good time for us to have a look at the main people driving Diablo 4’s primary plot this time around – at least those that we’ve seen throughout various media, so far.

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If there’s one name that will be prominent throughout the entire game, it would be Lilith.

The female demon is the spawn of one of the Prime Evils, Mephisto.

After growing disillusioned with the Eternal Conflict that saw the High Heavens and Burning Hells clash in an unending cycle, Lilith and her archangel lover, Inarius, took upon themselves to create the human/ nephalem world, Sanctuary, for renegade angels and demons to flee from the war.

After numerous events that followed afterwards – resulting in the banishment of Lilith into the Void, and Inarius chained in Hell to be tormented and tortured forever – Lilith has now been brought back from her exile, made possible by her astute followers.

Back in Sanctuary, although she does seem to somewhat care about humans as being descendants of her own offspring, her wicked methods seem to suggest that her plans for the world are far more sinister than peaceful in nature.



Formerly a respected kin amongst the angels in the High Heavens, Inarius grew weary of the never-ending Eternal Conflict and sought a way to free his like-minded brethren from it.

After meeting with Lilith upon being captured by Hell’s forces at one point, their shared testament of the war led them to conspire against their own factions to create a hidden world away from the conflict, namely Sanctuary.

Still, peace did not last long, as circumstances led to the banishment of Lilith from Sanctuary, and Inarius himself being imprisoned in Hell, as both the High Heavens and Burning Hells agreed on letting humanity survive on Sanctuary without their interruption, after both sides found out about the world’s existence.

In Diablo 4, Inarius somehow escaped his incarceration, and is now back in Sanctuary, intent on destroying Lilith, all while plotting his own schemes for Sanctuary too.

Diablo 4


Elias is among the first few individuals introduced in Diablo 4.

Seen in the game’s initial trailer – Elias completes a ritual to summon Lilith back into Sanctuary – he works as the Queen Mother’s trusted servant.

Also known as The Pale Man, Elias has clearly been ‘blessed’ by Lilith for his loyalty, empowering him with demonic essences that will eventually be revealed once Diablo 4’s entire story finally unravels.



An important character in Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls, Lorath Nar is a steadfast member of the Horadrim, returning in Diablo 4 as a possible mentor for you, the protagonist.

He worked directly with the archangel, Tyrael, in helping him and the hero Nephalem to defeat the fallen angel, Malthael.

That being said, half of the human population was wiped out after the battle, something which might have affected Lorath deeply, apart from other revelations/ secrets that he might have found out about later in life, throughout his subsequent duties as a Horadrim enforcer/ scholar.

Decades later, in Diablo 4, Lorath’s expertise and wisdom will be needed once more, as Lilith returns to amass her forces in Sanctuary.

There’s a lingering feeling that Lorath might find this to be his last adventure as Horadrim, fulfilling his duties to help you save all of humanity from both Lilith and Inarius.



Following the re-emergence of Inarius’ Cathedral of Light, a worthy leader is to be chosen to guide the religion’s followers, and that is where Prava comes in.

Now the Cathedral’s High Priestess, Prava came to be after Inarius saved her from a diseased, bed-ridden state; something that won her undying loyalty to the rogue angel.

Her faith in Inarius is unwavering, but she doesn’t seem to resort to violence foolhardily, meaning she might become an ally to you during the main story later.

She can be seen leading Inarius’ invading army in Hell, in Diablo 4’s official release date trailer.



Just recently revealed, Donan is another Horadrim member who is found at Scosglen, the Druids’ homeland.

Not much is stated of the man, apart from what’s been said of him drinking a potion that’s been made by questionable ingredients, including those of a demonic Maggot Queen, stated by Lorath himself in his Book of Lorath.

There might be more to his story in Scosglen, and you’ll definitely find out more once the game releases in June.

The Diablo franchise might be known for its over-the-top gore and nightmarish themes, but its lore is surprisingly deep too, with creatively-written characters to be met everywhere you travel.

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