DIABLO IV Developers Talk About New Skill System and More

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The development team over at Blizzard has released an update to Diablo IV. As part of their quarterly blog update, the team gave fans a look at skills and talents. The team also released some ways that they’re monitoring fan feedback, a look at the Sorceress Enchantment System, and some wonderful new images.

The adjustments the team has decided to perform. First, they had an idea for Ancestral/Demonic/Angelic Power for characters. Players weren’t won over by the description of how these would work and the team accepted. They thought there was too much bookkeeping to actually be fun and worth it. They do like some ideas and are working on reworking the system to be even better than before. The other item the team fixed legendary items. They’ll be fixing items to be more useful and build on your character’s strengths rather than being your character’s strength.

Skills, The team agreed that the ongoing Skill progression system felt too easy and lackluster. Well, they’ve been revising things to look like the Sorceress skill tree shown below. The upper Skills are purchased with Skill Points earned by leveling up. New Skills are unlocked, new things can be added to skills, and Passive Points can be opened for the lower part of the tree called the Passive section. The Passive section is more about general upgrades. The team does reveal that players will not be able to unlock the whole of their Skill Tree. But, you’ll be able to get about 30-40% of the Tree’s nodes.

And lastly, let’s check out the Sorceress Enchantment System. A Sorceress can put their skills into one of two places. There’s the active skill slot and an Enchantment slot. Putting a skill in the Enchantment slot performs it unavailable to use as an active skill, but presents you with a secondary bonus. For example, Ball Lightning, for now, turns Crackling Energy into Ball Lightning which I think is somehow better.


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