DIABLO IV Quarterly Update Explodes With Amazing News

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After years of silence during the Diablo III development cycle, Blizzard has dedicated itself to sending quarterly updates for Diablo IV and every entry just gets better and better with the hype train steaming full speed ahead. From our side of the house, we cannot wait for 2023!

This update is focused mainly on the cosmetic portion of the game, seasonal content, live events, premium currency, and much more. The best news of all? No Pay 2 Win type transactions and everything announced so far is geared towards cosmetics, just the way a full-price game should be. With Immortal earning some undesirable attention for the bold monetization, this is a huge breath of relief to those awaiting DIV.

There are a lot of details revealed to be excited about so instead of listening to me rant about it all, check out the full update article here

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