Did Our Leisure Time Change During Lockdown? 

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It is an indisputable fact that the lockdown had an impact on all aspects of our life. Remote work, remote leisure, remote communication. Overall, people spent more time with their devices than a couple of years before. In such a situation, a good best cheap gaming mouse and the rest of the periphery would be a fine addition to any setup. 

People spend more time near screens. However, does it really change our leisure that much? Lockdown may be a tough challenge for many people. In essence, it just shifts the focus of our spare time and even provides some new opportunities. It does not turn our leisure upside down. People may struggle against social isolation and general inconveniences. At the same time, the lockdown opened new possibilities as well. 


Limitations and Restrictions 

The most obvious limitation reached the traveling hobby. Quarantine measures make traveling to some countries literally impossible or close to being impossible. Otherwise, passionate travelers have to deal with a lot of cumbersome paperwork and mandatory isolation. The same applies to the mass events such as concerts or parties. This may look daunting, but the necessity to keep people safe prevails. 

Without an opportunity to go out, people start to pay more attention to new hobbies and platforms for their realization. For example, streaming services and online cinemas gathered more audiences during the lockdown period. Some major releases skipped cinemas and were published straightly on online platforms. For example, a remake of Mulan by Disney. 


New Types of Hobbies 

Video games became in demand drastically. New releases and the new generation of consoles were ready to provide entertainment for any gamer. Casual and hardcore players could find a game that fits their tastes perfectly. The gaming industry felt the consequence of the lockdown. Numerous releases were delayed or even canceled. The regular E3 show was canceled. Traditional summer gaming presentations moved to the online format as well. However, people still join the army of gamers and discover new hobbies for themselves. 

The online format became the major alternative for almost any hobby. Not only video games but tabletop games as well moved to the online format. Virtual tables provide a suitable alternative, simulating the real-life experience with tabletop pieces. Moreover, they have tools for video and audio communication. Naturally, a virtual tabletop won’t substitute real experience but provides a suitable alternative during the lockdown. 

Besides entertainment, the online format and free time allowed people to contribute to their education and self-development. The great number of online schools, courses, and couches provide a wide arrangement of knowledge and skills to learn. People invested in their education, language learning, and creative skills that could be developed at home. 


Consequences For Leisure Time 

In general, the most popular hobbies, such as watching movies or playing games, do not change much. People still do what they like to do in the lockdown. The only thing that changed in terms of leisure is the format of the hobbies. Content makers and companies adapted comparatively quickly to the new situation and provided the usual supply for the demand. Lockdown did not become a catastrophe that changed the way people think or feel about having fun. It is more like a significant inconvenience that makes people take extra steps before engaging in something that they like. 

Travels and parties become restricted only for a comparatively short period. When the quarantine and lockdown measures wear off, they become more available. The lockdown period was a good way for people to catch their breath, and discover something new for themselves and about themselves.



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