Differences Between Phone Support Vs. Live Chat

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Live Chat

Customer communication is one of the most important factors of a company these days. Customer choices for communication vary based on a variety of factors. So which way should your company take when it comes to customer support? So there is always a debate going on about which is better? So here we have a live chat vs phone call pros and cons which will help you decide which way is better to take when it comes to customer satisfaction.

Both things are not the same and they serve different purposes altogether. It is complicated and diverse, your customer might want to contact you by phone today but the next day he might use the live chat. So why not take on both options, Let’s examine both media’s pros and cons so you know how your company can take advantage of both options.


First things first

Let’s identify chat from the phone calls, live chat support coming into the first category, and phone call support into the second. Both have good things and bad things attached to them.

The benefit of audio communication is that you can observe the subtleties of communication. Making a funny remark is easiest via an audio call. Every salesperson understands that when you succeed to make the client laugh, you’re in a good place. The problem with audio calls, however, it won’t keep a record of things and you can’t record every call. A phone support agent’s information can go into the void after the call ended.

When you compare it to written communication it’s harder to add a human touch. If you try to make a joke you’ll risk being misunderstood entirely, and it’s hard to judge the suitability of making the joke, to begin with. Also, writing takes more time than speaking – especially when you are dealing with a person who is not good with a keyboard.

The main benefit of written conversations are easily saved and you can review them later and even quote them in the future. You can easily search them in the future for references and sharable with other agents. A phone call that is recorded is like a black box when you compare it to a live chat, you cant search it fast enough when you need it, and takes a lot of space to store it all.

Live phone call

Real-Life Feel

There is another great factor to think about when deciding the perfect uses of your customer support channels is the time between the making of the messages. In a face-to-face talk, production, and reply coincide. In most channels, there’s at least some delay between the two. Get it real-time and it will look more personal and the channel will feel more personalized.

The phone gives the most realistic experience to face-to-face interaction because it’s the only way in which both the customer and representative have a talk in real-time and discuss and solve the problem in the fastest possible manner.

Live chat support also works in real-time. Messages will be sent over chat which can be read and replied to quickly. The benefit of live chat support is that texts don’t have to be read at once if there is some other query that either the customer or agent needs to direct their attention on something else, Live chat associates do multitasking without losing the essential parts of their interaction, it will consume more time than the calls but it will have its perks.


Gadgets you can use

You need to understand where your customer communications are happening and it is necessary as consumers are now both mobile and digital and on the move all the time, So you need to be quick and on the subject.

The smartphone is a very convenient way for this modern smartphone age since users can call support staff from anywhere on the planet. Yet troubleshooting difficult tech issues that need you to make adjustments on your phone while talking to a support rep on your phone can be a difficult task to do.

This is where live chat comes in handy– to help people guide through an issue while being on the internet. For many companies, their website is an integral part of the business. If you have a question, contact live chat allows and gives you the most context, making it much more simpler to troubleshoot the customer issues.

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