Different Types of Bongs For Sale

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The interweb has provided so many opportunities with the ability to learn and do more than we ever could have in the pre-internet era. With internet privileges, we are able to buy our groceries through an app and have it delivered to our door, and the same goes for our extra curricular activities and the accessories we need to create the ultimate pastime setup. For bong enthusiasts, there is no better feeling than having the perfect smoking accessories collection that can be customized specifically to the user. Without the internet, many users are confined to their hometown head shops that have limited inventory and the possibilities for a creative collection of accessories can only go so far. Thankfully, the evolution of online shopping has allowed for online head shops to provide endless smoking accessories that are easy to order straight to your door in a discreet package to avoid any nosey neighbors or unwanted attention from roommates. So what types of bongs for sale should you consider? There are several types of bongs to choose from and it can become overwhelming but with guidance it will be easy to understand what is best for you. Here are some of the different types of bongs for sale online so you get the best of the best.

Different types of bongs for sale

Depending on where you’re at in your journey as a bong enthusiast is how you should determine what type of bongs for sale are best for you. Does size matter the most to you, or is the cost of bongs for sale mean more than the design? Here are some types of bongs to be aware of to understand the differences based on your preferences.

Mini bongs

Miniature bongs are typically under six inches in size and usually travel-friendly which makes them a considerable option for those that like to take their bong on the go. 

Beaker bongs

One of the most classic types of bongs for sale, beaker bongs can range from mini bongs to huge bongs and always keeps its beaker base design. Many users love beaker bongs the most because they are simple, straightforward, but can also have different features like percolators and long necks with ice catchers and splash guards.

Percolator bongs

If you want ultimate filtration and extra smooth hits, percolator bongs for sale are the most effective way to get a perfect bong rip every time. There are many percolator types like matrix percs, tree percs, honeycomb percs, downstem percs, and so on. The percolators in bongs for sale also put on quite a show when it’s in action!

Huge bongs

Looking for a good time but not for a long time? Taking one hit from a huge bong for sale will have you quickly floating in a cloud and there’s no need for a long session. Huge bongs for sale are definitely a statement piece for the loud and proud bong enthusiasts.

Heady glass

Users that are looking for an investment piece that also doubles as a work of art, heady glass bongs for sale are generally handmade bongs designed by glass artists and limited edition pieces that can add value to any smoking accessory collection. Heady glass is pretty pricey but well worth it for bong enthusiasts that are looking to add a wow factor to their home.

Bongs for sale under $50

Budget buyers can choose from a category of their own and there are many options under $50 that perform as well as the big league bongs, sans the hefty price tag. Choose from silicone bongs, glass bongs, mini bubblers and more!

Advantages of buying bongs for sale online

While you might live in a bigger city and have tons of bongs for sale near you, there are certain benefits and advantages to buying bongs online versus in brick-and-mortar locations. Especially if you live in a city that does not have specific smoke shops that cater to a bong enthusiast’s needs, the best way to approach that problem is to open a new window in your browser and start to compare what is near you versus what you can find online. When you figure out the supply and demand of your area (if you have a lot of options vs not) you will get an idea of just how helpful buying bongs for sale online can open your smoke space to a whole new setup and experience.

Bongs for sale online offers the customer more options

The biggest advantage of buying bongs for sale online is the extensive list of options to choose from! Whether you are a new bong user or avid bong enthusiast, just know that there are several bong types that can be found online that will enhance the user experience. Do you have a specific color scheme or design in mind that you know will complete your bong collection but can’t find it anywhere? You will have better chances of finding what you’re looking for at shops like EF420 or at least something similar that can even exceed your expectations.

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