Digital Foundry Says Xbox Series X Wins Most Console Comparisons

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Xbox Series X VS ps5

Microsoft has been willing to lead the console power charts Since Xbox One X launched in 2017. The company declared 2017’s Xbox One revision was the most powerful console in the world at the time, and it carried that mantra forward with Xbox Series X. According to the tech experts at Digital Foundry, there’s proof that it’s paying off.

Since early 2020, DF’s John Linneman has analyzed 15 cross-platform games to see how they perform on PlayStation and Xbox systems. The host claims that overall, Xbox Series X has come out on top 8 times, with two comparisons favoring PS5, and 5 coming out even across both platforms.

We’re not here to fuel the rather pointless console wars – far from it. However, these findings do show that Xbox is doing well on the hardware front with Xbox Series X, in real-world scenarios. Microsoft fell behind a lot during the early Xbox One days, and it’s great to see the company back on its game regarding powerful console hardware.

While the new generation has been held back by cross-gen games so far, we’re finally starting to see proper next-gen games in the pipeline. Forza Motorsport was awesome at Microsoft’s recent Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase, and we think it’s going to be the first big showpiece for Xbox Series X|S.

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