DIPLOMACY IS NOT AN OPTION Steam Early Access Trailer

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Diplomacy Is Not An Option

Diplomacy Is Not An Option has been released into Steam Early Access, and in it, you have to build and defend the castle as much as your heart can desire. From the developers over at Door 407, this genre-merging strategy game has a lot to give as it continues to develop.

Diplomacy Is Not An Option will see players taking on the role of a lord. As you try to build a properly defensible city, manage your citizens, and recruit soldiers, you need to stay on the lookout for the enemies you will soon find at your gates. Armies are up to 10,000 enemies assaulting your walls, you must have to think about the laws of physics to defend your castle and your people. Weapon trajectories, kill zones, and fallback positions must all be regarded as you make the most defendable castle, while you still need to feed your fighters before they all die of hunger and leave you vulnerable.

Building a sound economy is what makes this game real-time strategy, city-builder, and part tower defense. Handling which buildings you build, where you build them, and how you keep your citizens provided and happy will all connect to how capable you are in defending your home. However, you have a few additional options on how to make that defense.

Diplomacy Is Not An Option is currently available on Steam Early Access. Check out the trailer below.

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