Director Neill Blomkamp’s Video Game OFF THE GRID Trailer is Here!

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Neill Blomkamp, the director behind District 9 and Elysium, has created a new action video game Off the Grid, and we have got the first look at the game.

This is just a small tease, but it looks like an exciting game! Check out the synopsis:

Dive into the heat of a covert corporate war in Off The Grid, a cyberpunk Battle Royale 2.0 multiplayer shooter where you shape the story and the gameplay. Unfolding on a dystopian tropical island, OTG sends you on head-spinning assassination and sabotage missions to the greater glory and market share of your chosen faction. Tool up for 2023: it’s about to get bloody!

Blomkamp, who is “chief visionary officer” over at Gunzilla, talked about the game in an interview with GameSpot saying, “The approach is to try to inject the story in a way where players have the option of engaging straight up in the battle royale or have the option of diving into story and story missions, almost like a campaign that you would be playing to follow a story narrative.

GameSpot also shares, “The three different organizations–whose identities and mission statements are being kept hush-hush for now–are fighting over a space elevator located on an island. The elevator leads to an asteroid mining operation that’s creating an immense amount of wealth, drawing the attention of a variety of interested parties from around the globe.

“Within this narrative set-up, you’re dropped into your traditional battle royale match, where the last player standing wins. However, within the context of each match, players can participate in challenges or missions that support their chosen faction’s goals.”

Off the Grid will be released in 2023.

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