DIRT 5 Looks AMAZING on Xbox Series X

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Dirt 5 will be released after 2 weeks from today, it looks amazing. The popular racing series’ fifth game is due to release on November 6th and guarantees to deliver an excellent arcade-style approach to the franchise’s already hit racing formula. In the newly released trailer below, you can see just how cool and smooth the game runs on the Xbox Series X. At a remarkable 120 frames per second, we really get to see the potential that Xbox is packing under Series X’s bonnet.

What is really cool about this game besides the  FPS are the absolutely beautiful visuals. Not only are they high res but the color palette has me get into this awesome and well-anticipated game. This looks like the racing game of the year and I’m sure a lot would agree with me if we’re going by Dirt’s credibility and winning combination.

For gamers who are thinking if they should pick this game up when it releases on current-gen consoles on November 6th or is it better to buy it on the next-gen version on November 19th, I say buy it now because the current-gen versions of the game whether physical or digital will get a free upgrade when you play them on your next-gen console.

You can buy Dirt 5 on November 6th for Google Stadia, PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One or on November 19th for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. Check out the trailer below.


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