Dirt Rally DIY Tabletop Arcade is Simply Remarkable

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Dirt Rally DIY Tabletop Arcade

Here is a project which will keep you engaged for months for sure, This is a brilliant DIY Dirt Rally tabletop car-cade game created by Daniel Chote.

It includes plenty of 3D printed components, It has a cabinet inspired by the Subaru Impreza racing car Daniels preferred car within the PC Dirt Rally game. Daniel explains more about the inspiration and construction of the DIY car-cade gadget.

For the longest time I’ve had the idea to put a Raspberry Pi into one of those kids car toys from the 80s. In August 2017 I was beat to the punch by Matt Brailsford when he published his Tomy Turnin’ Turbo Dashboard Outrun Arcade on Twitter. His project was so fantastic, I had to come up with something entirely new… I already had an Intel Atom powered dev board, the MinnowBoard. Surprisingly, SteamOS installed on it without any issues.
After playing around with SteamOS and Dirt Rally on the MinnowBoard without much luck (talking in frames per minute, not frames per second), I settled on the idea of building a full Intel powered system running SteamOS. I would then work on designing and 3D printing the entire enclosure from scratch. Initially I was going to design it with cues from the Audi Quattro, but I very quickly switched over to the 1995 Subaru Impreza, which is my preferred car in the game.
System Components
– Motherboard: Asus H110S2/CSM
– CPU: Intel G4500
– Ram: G.SKILL Ripjaws 8GB
– Storage: Samsung 950 Pro M.2
Other Components
– LCD: 7″ 1024×600 capacitive touch LCD
– USB Controller: Pimoroni Picade Controller PCB
– 2x Speakers: 3W enclosed speaker from Adafruit
– Push Buttons: Pack of 10 black pushbuttons
– Potentiometer: Pack of 5 10k ohm linear potentiometers
Check out the full project on the Projectable website by following the link below. Which includes awesome details on how each component was created and 3D printed, together with wiring details and everything you need to build your very own.



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