Discerning The Best Bottles Of Proprietary Blend Wines

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Proprietary Blend Wines

Wines existed many years ago and it has brought a lot of excitement and fun to everyone who sips a glass of it. Actually, they come in different types, labels, flavors, and colors which individually can serve different types of occasions. The massive availability of wine choices in any given fine wine merchant has also given every consumer the opportunity to pick the best flavors that fills their palate.

Moreover, each wine label, especially the most popular ones, are crafted from different regions. It may either come from Bordeaux, Tuscany, or even California. All these regions have done their best and continue to produce top-tiered wines for all people to look forward to. In fact, they continuously developed wine bottles not only for celebration causes but they also see to it that it would be very flexible when it comes to food pairings.

That said, in the sea of wine choices, you might have crossed about “Proprietary Blend” wines. For those who may not have enough knowledge about these wines, the word proprietary doesn’t have any legal definition at all. In fact, this is only a term given to a particular kind of wine where there is no dominating grape varietal included in it. That means that every element to make the wine is all balanced yet it is considered as one of those elite wines to taste.

Hence, the proprietary blends, in general, are simply those top-rated wines you can see in any fine wine merchants. So, as you go along looking to end up your curiosity about proprietary blends of wine, let us give you the different wine labels that represent this family. Rest assured that when you grab either a bottle of this wine, you will surely get the best value for the amount you spend.


2010 Sassicaia

Sassicaia Wine is the best example of a proprietary blend of wines. This label is solely developed in the regions of Tuscany which is primarily known to be a true alliance of lightness, vibrancy, and intensity. Besides, Sassicaia is the most popular kind of Italian wine which is widely known in the entire world. One of the best versions of Sassicaia bottle is the 2010 label. This wine is often described as a bottle that shows what Medittereanean culture looks like.

Moreover, the 2010 Sassicaia label is the one that brought the brand into the spotlight. This label is formulated using the elements of shades of black, oriental spices, and black fruits. The aroma is beautiful to the nose which shows an extreme purity. It comes in a full-bodied content which shows a strong taste when it reaches your mouth.


2018 Diving Into Hampton Water Rose

Rose wines are considered the most popular types of Sparkling wines. The word Rose is literally derived from the light pink color each wine looks like. In fact, Rose wines are the only labels that can stand at any given time of the day and can be used all year round. Hence, one Rose bottle that had made a great impact on all wine lovers which is also known as a proprietary blend is the 2018 Diving Into Hampton Water Rose.

This wine comes in a light pink color where it produces focused and fresh aromas of rose petals. It is also combined with several elements namely citrus, crushed rock, and stone fruits which makes it more interesting to taste. A bottle of 2018 Diving Into Hampton Water Rose offers a medium-bodied taste that comes in a layered mouthfeel. Lastly, it also produces maximum purity wherein it gives a slight grip to the palate whenever you sip it.


2017 Beaucastel Chateauneuf Du Pape

Another amazing brand of a proprietary blend that you need to taste is the 2017 Beaucastel Chateauneuf Du Pape. This wine label is solely crafted in the Rhone region representing the best efforts of their vineyards. Besides, this wine is popularly known to offer a delightful taste of combined ingredients from spice, lavender, licorice, and floral notes. It has also the inclusions of incredible black fruits coming from red to black varieties added by exotics stone grape varietals.


2017 Clos Des Papes

It’s Chateauneuf Du Pape types of wine which are also developed in the regions of Rhone. This wine is considered as one of the elite proprietary blends showing an ultimate richness, elegance, and finesse. A bottle of this wine is fully loaded with unique elements of flowers, crushed rocks, kirsch liqueur, sweet spice, and licorice which comes really full-bodied on the palate.

Further, as soon as you sip and a drop reaches your tongue, you can taste a glycerin extract coming from the grape varietals and fruits used to make this wine. Additionally, it also showcases an incredibly seamless and balanced taste that you cannot resist.


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