DISINTEGRATION New Multiplayer Trailer And Release Date Revealed

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We are just a few weeks away from the release of Disintegration! This is a brand new shooter from V1 Interactive, led by Marcus Lehto of Halo fame, looks to blend interesting gameplay with an absorbing story. While its this phase of the game that has me most excited about the game, a full multiplayer suite is coming along with the game. Looking to leverage the games, different squad mechanics, over 3 different modes, multiplayer looks like a ton of fun! Three game modes will be available at release, Zone Control, Collector, and Retrieval. To outline these modes, a new trailer has been unveiled which you can check out below.

Zone Control: 5 teams compete to capture control points scattered across a map. Control points can only be captured by ground units so Gravcycle players can strategically eliminate opponents or play as a frontline defender for the point in contention. You only gain points if the zone is completely uncontested.

Collector: 2 teams go head to head to see who can collect the most brain cans. Brain cans will spawn around the map for pick-up or if you like doing things the enjoyable way, taken from fallen foes! Deny your opponents the chance to score by picking up the brain cans of your fallen teammates.

Retrieval: This is your typical attack and defends game type with an explosive twist! 2 teams are at play here with one team hitting a set of generators to recover a core and the other defending it. Only ground units can recover the cores so it is up to Gravcycle players to give enough support. if you drop the core you have a limited amount of time to pick it back up before it pops! After the round ends the sides change. The team with the most retrievals after the end of the rounds is the winner of the round.

With the number of different crews and tactics ready to play, Disintegration’s multiplayer mode could be a real contender in the shooter space! The game will launch on June 16 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One!


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