Disney’s The Jungle Book Swing Into FALL GUYS This Fall

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Disney's The Jungle Book Swing Into FALL GUYS

Fall Guys is getting interesting as Disney’s The Jungle Book goes to the multiplayer action this Fall! This will be a limited-time event that takes place during the current season (5), adding 4 new character costumes.

The event will start September 3-12 at which time three of the costumes will appear in-game to purchase. There’s Mowgli, Shere Khan, and Baloo which can be bought using the Kudos you get by playing (or purchasing).

Here’s the timetable for these costumes:

  • Mowgli Costume – 3-6 September

  • Shere Khan Costume – 7-9 September

  • Baloo Costume – 10-12 September

Now, let’s talk about the fourth costume, you can nab King Louie by taking up his challenges that’ll get you points.

Here’s the list of what you can unlock and points needed for each one:

  • ‘Jungle Champion’ Nickname: 200

  • ‘Kaa’ Pattern: 400

  • King Louie Costume (Lower): 800

  • King Louie Costume (Upper): 1100

  • King Louie Nameplate: 1400

  • ‘Jungle Dance’ Emote: 1700

These crossovers are awesome things in games lately. I really wish Fall Guys makes its way over to Xbox and Nintendo Switch before the next crossover occurs.

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