Do Not be Fooled With Bad Cloud Hosting Solutions

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If your company is thinking about cloud hosting solutions, you can enjoy all types of benefits. But there are some things about cloud hosting solutions to be aware of that can cause more problems than they solve. Below is more information.



Cloud-based hosting is internet-based, so you can have service outages that can happen for any reason at any time. Bad cloud hosting companies will have higher downtimes, and those you want to avoid.

Think about if your company can handle a slowdown or outage. When Amazon Web Services went down in 2017, several major corporations lost $150 million. No company using the cloud is immune from the problem, especially when vital business processes are interrupted.

In 2019, several companies have outages in the cloud, such as Google, Amazon, and Verizon.

To reduce downtime, you should design your cloud services with disaster recovery and high availability at top of mind. Also if your company’s services have a low failure tolerance, think about having several deployments by region that have an automatic failover to make sure you are as safe as possible from outages.


Security and Privacy

Cloud service providers use the best security with industry certifications, storing files and vital data in an external environment has risks. Any move of data to the cloud must prioritize privacy and security, especially when it’s sensitive data we’re talking about.

Any good cloud service company will effectively manage the security and privacy of your data. They also will manage and safeguard the hardware of your deployment.


Attack Vulnerability

Every component in a cloud environment is online, so your data is exposed to possible attacks. Even the best companies with top security must deal with attacks and security breaches occasionally. Cloud computing is a public service, so it’s easy to start running before you’re walking. No one at the cloud provider will check out your technical and administrative skills before giving you an account.

To reduce the odds of a cloud attack, make cybersecurity a vital component of every IT operation. Keep all teams up to date with the best practices for cloud security. And make sure good security policies and procedures are reviewed and checked often.

When you choose cloud-based hosting, your company can often save money and get faster, more secure Internet service. And you don’t have to maintain physical servers anymore. But be aware of the above things that can go wrong and you can avoid problems.

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