Do The Swarm In BEE SIMULATOR As Multiplayer Modes Are Revealed

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Bee Simulator

The new simulator game which is about to come and it will let you fly around New York’s Central Park planting pollen, communicating with the hive, and battling against natural enemies by Varsav Game Studios has a great, new announcement. During Gamescom 2019, publisher Bigben Interactive announced a co-op gameplay trailer for Bee Simulator! While the gameplay modes will give out a mixture of multiplayer options, with the competitive, the new trailer shows how up to 4-players can work together to complete the bee’s mission of survival and flower pollination.

Bee’s are very famous to be one of the most important contributors to a healthy environment, so it is excellent to see a developer working a way for mates and families to take on mother natures hardest workers role and enjoy the game. I love how this simulator works and took the high road from making the typical wild game and kept to a more realistic arrival with Bee’s being the focus insect. Even the plot of “Your life is turned upside down one day when humans decide to cut down your tree. The fate of your hive is thrust into your tiny hands,” is something you could see on every day.

Bee Simulator will hit the stores on November 14th for Steam, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Check out the trailer below and tell me how you like the game.

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