Do You Want Gambling Aspect In Red Dead Redemption 2?

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Red Dead Redemption 2 is slightly delayed and they changed the release date of the game from this fall to spring 2018, but the big question is what you should expect from the game when it hits PS4, Xbox One and PC (maybe)? I recently brushed up my Red Dead Redemption on Xbox One to try and remember what, exactly, made this game so incredibly cool and brilliant and I was hoping if they can put Undead Nightmare on Xbox One as well because the DLC was quite exhilarating and kept you on the edge of your seat. What struck me instantly was how well the game was aged, or at least how well the backwards compatibility was taken care of. The lighting in particular was impressive, and the large open world is the best we have seen in the game, and only Rockstar can pull something like this off. It was simply incredible then and it is incredible even today.

Liar's Dice

I have too many expectations from Red Dead Redemption 2 and I am sure it will surpass the first game and it will be exceedingly gorgeous and well planned. Xbox One X is been announced recently and I was wondering if Rockstar creates a new version of the game for the fastest and smallest console. But I think there are a few characteristics from the original game that still haven’t been replicated to the same degree by anything contemporary. And when I wishlist the features I love to see in RDR2 I’d have to put one above all else: gambling, in the original game that specific feature was perfect.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption featured an astonishing gambling system, which made me spend my hours on the table and learn a thing or two in the process. There were several various game types, and the stakes changed from town to town in a way that reflected your current skill level. but it wasn’t the best way to make money it needs a lot of time and practice and sometimes blood, earning a $100 pot could take many intense rounds of Texas Hold ‘Em, and hunt for bounties was more fruitful in terms of money and good old western gun fun. Next-gen consoles will mean better AI, so tougher opponents will likely have more challenging personalities and much deeper storyline.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Like most of the open-world games out there, Red Dead Redemption featured a fame and reputation system, it acted as religion and kept your rebel soul on track. Your deeds had outcomes that changed the way the world reacted to you and I think in the new game they will take this to next level. In the Wild West, a lot of reputation could be had as a gambler. Moreso than what the first Red Dead Redemption dishes out. The new upcoming game could fix this and give gamers a goal to chase fame without brute force and build a reputation that could challenge any gunslinger in the west. Particularly if Rockstar includes a cheating system related to the first game. Getting caught meant it was time to draw your guns and start the countdown. Red Dead Redemption 2 might take this to the next level and make gun battles fun again.

Red Dead Redemption 2

And I think we will get the gambling in Red Dead Redemption 2, there should be a lot of it, not that hard but easier so everyone can enjoy it with more money to win and easier games. I want to have more games than just blackjack, Texas Hold ‘Em, and Liar’s Dice. There should be more casino type settings, like riverboat gambling, that serves as a vehicle for rotating house games. Developers can double as targets for high-profile heists too. If you like such fun in real life then you should visit the website by clicking the link.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Tell us if you like to see gambling aspect in Red Dead Redemption 2? Or they focus more on bounties and buried treasure in the vast wilderness? Tell us in the comments.


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