Does CBD Oil Expire: What You Need To Know?

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Like any packaged thing, CBD oil also has a shelf life which means CBD oils also do expire. However, how long it takes to expire depends upon a couple of things. A deep understanding of these will help you choose the best product and make sure that you own a product that will last longer. Some knowledge of preventive measures may even help you increase the shelf life of CBD oil.

Here are the important ones:

  • Quality. Without a doubt, higher-quality products tend to last longer. This narrows down to things like the growing conditions of the plant CBD is extracted from and the conditions under which it was allowed to grow. 
  • Ingredients. CBD extracts are often mixed with other oils to be used. Every component in CBD oil matters because every ingredient, for example, the flavoring, has its own shelf life, affecting the overall product’s lasting life. 
  • Packaging. See-through amber glass bottles do nothing to preserve the oil. CBD oil is preserved longer in darker bottles which should also be airtight. Therefore, the right packaging helps to protect and keep the oil from exposure to air, sunlight, etc. 
  • Storage. According to research, heat and light hasten the breakdown of CBD; therefore, it’s critical to store it properly. In ideal circumstances, CBD oil can maintain its effectiveness and freshness for longer.


How to tell if CBD oil has gone bad?

You should be able to determine whether or not the product is past its prime by looking at the expiry date on the bottle. Nevertheless, labels can come off, expiration dates aren’t always a perfect science, and sometimes you just don’t want to put on your glasses to read the small print. Your senses will play a role in this.

Here is how to find out if it has gone bad:

  • It has an odd odour. It’s more skunky. Fresh CBD oil shouldn’t have any unpleasant odours; it should smell earthy.
  • It’s gloomy and thick. This should not be confused with hazy, which can occur if the oil has been sitting in a frigid environment.
  • It has a rancid flavour. CBD oil is typically described as tasting “nutty,” “earthy,” or “grassy” unless it has been chemically flavoured. The taste ought to be enjoyable even if you dislike these flavours. On the other hand, like most other oils that have seen better days, expired CBD oil will taste “off.”

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Storage tips

If you want to maintain the effectiveness and freshness of your CBD oil, you must store it properly because it is sensitive to changes in air, light, and temperature.

Think of olive oil, coconut oil, and other cooking oils in your pantry when treating CBD oil like you would other oils when storing it.

This entails starting with the appropriate container and shielding the oil from too much light, heat, and air.


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