Don’t Miss The Official Reveal of CALL OF DUTY BLACK OPS: COLD WAR

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Call Of Duty Black Ops: Cold War certainly seems a lot to handle, but I’m still looking forward to a campaign that happens in the said Cold War, double agents, secret moles, spy-games, and whole nine yards—which is what the first trailer seems to indicate.

The key art looks amazing. We see either two soldiers or one soldier playing both sides. It’s hard to say. It seems likely that we’ll play as both a Soviet and an American in the game, but what if we just play as one character who is actually playing two roles? That be really cool!

A new trailer for the next episode in the Call of Duty franchise was found. The “Know Your History” trailer provides us a sneak peek into the world of Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War and revealed the date of the official release.

On August 26 we will definitely get our first look at what is in store for Call of Duty 2020. The summary of the YouTube video hints at the reveal will happen inside Warzone, but I hope we get a trailer featuring gameplay across all modes, as it is already late in the timeline for a reveal.


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