Don’t Have Programming Skills? No Matter Use Arduino Board

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The Verve 2

The gist of projects that make use of Arduino is the fact that it plays the central role where sensors are connected to it and this procedure is followed by the writing of code that depicts what will be the action taken when the sensors pick up something. The Verve 2 works on the same lines except for the code writing part.Verve 2 – Arduino minus the Programming Skills2.

When you connect the sensors to Verve 2 (it is connected to a computer by the way), the application will allow users to be able to translate the data being brought in by sensors into commands and stuff such as messages, emails, keyboard strokes and what not. This is done by providing a user interface that is very easy to use, therefore, rendering everyone capable of joining in the fun part.

The package contains a set of 10 unique sensors that can record entities such as force, button presses, light, touch, magnets, motion, turning, temperature and sound. For those who are comfortable with programming, a DIY sensor has been added as well. Using these sensors, one can have the motion sensor placed in a child-free zone and alert sequence could be placed so that if any movement is detected in the area, the user is notified rightaway. Verve 2 – Arduino minus the Programming Skills3

The company behind Verve 2, inXus Interactive, is currently busy raising funds on Kickstarter (the goal of $10,000 has been met already). You can warrant a unit with a pledge of $120. There are packages starting at $45 as well, with lesser sensors of course. Video will explain in bundles.

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