DOOM ETERNAL Will Probably Run At 30FPS On The Switch

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At the Quakecon 2018, developer Bethesda officially announced and revealed a proper first look for Doom Eternal, the sequel to the 2016 reboot of the series. The game was originally announced during the E3 2017, but at that time developer didn’t release a gameplay trailer, but this time around they did release a gameplay trailer which is posted below (Doom starts at the one-hour eleven-minute mark). The game still has no release date, it is confirmed for the PC, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One.

Speaking of the Nintendo Switch version, Eurogamer (via Nintendo Life), had the chance to talk to Doom Eternal’s executive producer Marty Stratton and creative director Hugo Martin, who both explained how the game would be released on Nintendo’s hybrid console.

Stratton assured players that the Switch version would be released adjacent its counterparts on other major platforms. Moreover, the developer made it clear that Doom Eternal would be optimized for the Switch, which they consider as a “first-class citizen,” meaning that this would be a proper game and not a port like its predecessor.

“We’re actually working with Panic Button again, but before, we made the game, and then we brought it to Switch, and now we are making the game with Switch in mind. It’s nice to know the platforms we want to hit up front.”

Currently, Stratton also told they are targeting the Switch version to run at 30fps, with all other versions running at 60fps. Performance-wise, it is obvious that the Switch would be slightly inferior compared to PS4 And Xbox One because that is the price players would have to pay for the convenience of being able to play anytime, anywhere.



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