Doom Fan Run Game on Portable Medical Ultrasound Scanner

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Someone has bought and repurposed a portable medical ultrasound scanner that they planned to use to scan sheep bladders and chose to see if it would run the Doom. Given that id Software’s famous 1993 release is a game that has been ported so many times, a lot of people may have become desensitized to the huge number of gadgets that the iconic FPS can actually run on, but it evidently doesn’t seem to stop people from trying all kinds of machines not initially created for gaming.

In a recent video on the Buy It Fix It YouTube channel, it seems it’s even possible to run Doom on a portable medical ultrasound scanner, perpetuating the idea that the shooter can run on just about anything that has a chipboard. The channel host gives an overview of the device, a Bardscan 2 to be precise, which is a machine built for scanning bladders.

They show the inner workings of the tool, saying that they wanted to repurpose it for use on a few of their sheep. Towards the end of the 35-minute video, they choose to load a copy of classic Doom, just for a bit of fun. While it doesn’t have sound, it is one more instance of just how diverse id Software’s retro release is.


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