Doom Single-Player Gameplay Trailer Surfaced

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Bethesda: DOOM

Check out the new Doom gameplay trailer unveiled during the E3 games event that is currently, allowing you to see the classic Doom double-barrelled shotgun, chainsaw and a rocket launcher in action against Pinkies, Mancubus and more.

Id Software exec producer Marty Stratton explained on stage that the first part shown was from the second level and the game will also have a Hell level that is roughly halfway through the game. The development team also unveiled a new tool that will enable players to make and instantly share their own custom maps and game modes in the form of Doom Level Builder.

The new Doom game is currently under development and is expected to launch sometime in the second quarter of 2016 on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Its also been noted that Id Software want to run the game at 1080p @ 60fps and players will be able to carry all the weapons they find.


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