DOOM VFR PS4 Aim Controller 2 Hour Gameplay Video Released

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DOOM VFR is now available to play on the PlayStation VR and HTC Vive VR headsets, It is the first-person shooter that supports both touch controllers on the HTC Vive and the PS Aim controller on the PlayStation platform. Eurogamer put together the PlayStation Aim controller through its paces and released a 2-hour DOOM VFR PS4 VR stream which you can check out below.

The DOOM VFR PS4 VR gameplay video will take you from the start and help you set up the game. DOOM VFR is the first of three highly anticipated new virtual reality games created specially for VR. Later this month Bethesda will be making available Fallout 4 VR and has already launched the Skyrim VR game on the PlayStation platform, and will hopefully be launching it sometime early in 2018 on the HTC Vive for PC systems.

If you want to play the Skyrim VR game which is created for virtual reality and which you can play on the PlayStation VR platform you should check out the video above which contains more than 4 hours of gameplay footage, which will give you an overview of the game and what you should expect from the game when it comes to VR platforms.

The time has come to take a trip back to Skyrim, but this time we’ll REALLY be there! Sort of. Join Ian for an epic 4 hour stream of Skyrim VR gameplay as he plays through the first 4 hours of Skyrim PSVR on the PS4. Ian will be playing Skyrim PSVR on a standard PS4 and not a PS4 Pro. Fus Roh Dah!

Source: Eurogamer


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