Double Dragon IV is staying faithful to the original series, with a visual presentation straight out of the 80s. The newly launched website also includes some fresh details on the story mode, challenge tower mode, and the two-player duel mode.

The new Story Mode is a continuation of the story from Double Dragon 2: The Revenge, featuring some new enemies, and a new co-op mode. Initially players will be able to choose from Billy and Jimmy as playable characters, but progress through the new tower mode will unlock enemies for use in story mode.

The two-player Duel Mode is an adversarial mode that turns the beat-em-up into a beat-each-other-up, to find out who’s best at beating-up.

Tower Mode is a wave-based challenge mode with no continues. Players will fight their way up the tower, unlocking new characters as they go.

Double Dragon IV will also make use of the PS4 Share Play feature, allowing two PlayStation Plus subscribers to play together for up to one hour, even though only one has purchased the game.

Game set to release toward the end of this month in time to celebrate the 30th anniversary.

Learn more about the game on Double Dragon IV website.