Download Minecraft PE 1.17.10, 1.17.20 and 1.17.30: Caves & Cliffs Update!

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Minecraft Caves & Cliffs Update

Greetings to all fans of the Minecraft universe. Today we want to introduce you to the new features of the upcoming Caves and Cliffs update, namely new biomes, blocks items, and unique mobs.


Minecraft PE 1.17.10/1.17.20/1.17.30: Caves&Cliffs

In the new update of Minecraft 1.17.10/1.17.20/1.17.30, the developers of the Mojang studio have directed their efforts to improve and change the Minecraft caves. Thanks to this, Nether World has changed significantly.

New types of caves have also been added to the Minecraft world. The new caves have their own separate small world, which has underground rivers and an interesting environment. In addition, in the latest versions of the Minecraft PE game, you can see other additions and innovations from the Mountain Update, such as mountain goats, powder snow, and others.

We want to make you happy because the latest Nether update gives the player opportunity to test the available game content of the update Caves&Cliffs. In the last version of Minecraft Pocket Edition, players can see a large number of new and unique blocks, items, and mobs that were previously presented at Minecon2019. New additions from the past Minecraft Live 2020 event was also added to the new update.

From now on, players can see and use in the Minecraft world such items and blocks as amethysts and block of copper, Spyglass, a new candle, Tinted Glass block, LightningRod block, powdered snow, mountain goats, Warden mob, Axolotl, Glow Squid, and much more.

Since the last update players do not need to activate the Experimental game mode, as the added objects are in the normal gameplay. Let’s take a closer look at all the innovations below.


Copper items

As you may have noticed, the developers of Mojang Studio did not add any type of mineral block before. In Minecraft PE 1.17.10/1.17.20/1.17.30, the Mojang developers have added a new Copper Ore. The properties of this block are exactly the same as those of iron ore.

To mine copper players can use only such a tool as a stone pickax. Players will receive drops such as copper ingot, which can be used to craft most of the items. Also, players can create a copper block.

To date, there are no special properties and usefulness of this material. We also want to note that now this material can only be used as a decoration. The new material also has a certain unique feature called oxidation. This is a process in which copper changes its color from orange to green.

Copper Ore


Previously, candles could be used by players as decorative objects, but these items can be like new sources of light. Flint and Steel can be used to ignite.

It is important to know: Lighting from candles does not exceed the brightness level of a simple torch. We recommend you to use a few candles at one time. It is very easy to extinguish a candle; you just need to tap on it.



This item allows players to increase the visibility range by seven chunks. It is a very useful item especially in cases where you need to find something or someone.

The crafting recipe consists of AmethystShard and Copper Ingots. Using this item, players will not be able to see around the edges of the screen as there will be visibility restrictions.


Tinted Glass

A tinted glass block has a very interesting feature, namely, it protects against any light sources. Please note that despite this, players will still be able to see objects through it.

This glass allows you to direct, attenuate, and block the rays of light. The level of light protection depends on the layers of the block.

Tinted Glass

Block of Amethyst

This is a new block type in MCPE 1.17.10/1.17.20/1.17.30 which will have four varieties and have unique features. Each variety will have a specific purpose. The player can find these varieties by their specific color, namely purple.

It is important to know: In order for the player to get amethyst, he need to go to the gutters. This place has a large percentage of the generation of amethyst and its other varieties.

The most valuable type of amethysts is the amethyst clusters, which can give crystals to the player. Mining is done with an iron pickax.


Lightning Rod block

This block is used by players to protect their houses, structures, and farms from lightning strikes. This block has the ability to attract lightning in a radius of 16 х 4 х 4 in height.

The crafting process for a block such as a Lightning Rod consists of three copper ingots.

It is important to know: During a lightning strike, it released powerful energy that is equal to the Redstone.

Attention: Place the Lightning Rods on nonflammable objects!

Lightning Rod


This is a new type of hostile mob that lives in caves and is a very aggressive creature towards other living creatures, especially players. This creature does not have eyes, it only reacts to sound. This can be a good opportunity for the players to trick this creature using your cunning and intelligence, trying to distract it.


Glow Squid

This is a very beautiful and unique creature in the Minecraft world. This mob is not hostile towards players. Glow Squid can illuminate the underwater environment.

Glow Squid

Download Minecraft PE 1.17.10, 1.17.20, and 1.17.30

to test the new features of the Caves&Cliffs update!

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